Crazy Laws 3. PT 4: /funny_pictures/2241825/Crazy+Laws+4/ Some OC over here: /funny_pictures/2241590/Infinite+Late+Homework/. Laws In Wyoming, fishing using It  Stupid laws comp crazy laws
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Crazy Laws 3

In Wyoming, fishing using It firearm is prohibited.
In Idaho. cutting Mi it ' S MM
Willi " an is against “IE law.
In Fresno. , Elementary schools
mall not host - tournaments.
In Indian Wells. California, mulling
intoxicating cement is .
In morning, skydiving or skiing
while drunk
In Glorgh larralina, Elephants may not
he used to mow canon fields.
In Mam Migrated,
INN Bitt he to the at .
In Balamory, . it' s illegal
to take a lion to the movies.
in NEW . it is illegal to inhale Ms
Until 2003 in lens, homosexual
behavior was a offense.
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