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#212 - lynchdude (06/15/2011) [-]
I'm Irish 100% white, and yeah it's retarded. and its not like they give their ancestors respect if they go around calling each other ******
#223 to #212 - vabloodlustmp **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#220 to #212 - patrickhaha (06/15/2011) [-]
ME TOO! Not to hate but black people have had enough time to get there **** together. The emancipation proclamation was issued in 9/22/1862.... That's enough time by my standards.

Pic relevant... Kinda
#243 to #220 - oper (06/15/2011) [-]
in 1712, willie lynch said:

"In my bag here, I have a fool-proof method for controlling your black slaves. I guarantee everyone of you that if installed correctly it will control the slaves for at least 300 years. My method is simple, any member of your family or any overseer can use it."

we have til next year.
User avatar #294 to #243 - lynchdude (06/15/2011) [-]
lol Willie lynch is related to me
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