So much win. Did an english project on Friday. So Much Win.. IRP Friday by Rebecca Black The Title: The title Friday clearly shows that the song is in fact abou friday

So much win

Did an english project on Friday. So Much Win.

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Friday by Rebecca Black
The Title: The title Friday clearly shows that the song is in fact about the day Friday. It
means that Thursday is not the day the song is about and neither is Sunday, Monday,
Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday. Clearly this title was chosen after rigorous research
and deep thought by Rebecca Black.
Interpretation of Song: The song starts off with Rebecca waking up in the morning at
approximately seven Wm., not sure if it' s Eastern Standard Time or Pacific Standard
Time. She quickly goes downstairs and has a bowl of cereal (never revealing what kind
of cereal, this is left up for interpretation by the listener). However she quickly devours
her breakfast meal and heads to her bus stop. She sees her friends and has to make a huge
decision: which seat should she take? Should she be "kickin in the front seat" or should
she be "sittin' in the back seat." Clearly this symbolizes difficult choices that she will
face in her Friday experience and perhaps her life. Truly this attempt at a rhyme shows
the listener the difficult choices she has to make in life. As she sails down the highway
with her 14 year old friends that can drive (obviously this song is written from the far
future where the age limit to drive is lowered) she continues to express how much m she
has because its Friday and that her friend is on the right (My guess is that her friend is
really fun and interesting unlike most people). I can only interpret that the bridge where
she states the other days of the week is to show her vast knowledge of the other days of
the week and also to give reference to the listener that it ign fact Friday and not any of
the other far less superior days of the week. As the song closes she continually states how
much fun it is on Friday when you are 'Partyin, karotin, (Yeah)." Also there' s a rap part
but its completely forgettable because of how poorly written it is and because it contains
about no rhymes or anything coming close to a rational thought.
Song' s theme/ main message: This song has a clear meaning: it' s Friday. Since its Friday
Rebecca is allowed to go out and party and have fun. She wrote this song because she
wanted everyone to enjoy how much fun Friday can be. But she also contains a hidden
theme. How choices can truly make an impact. She clearly put in the seat choice line in to
show that even though Friday is full of fun it can still have serious moments.
Sound Devices: see lyrics
Literary Techniques:
Irony: Expects her to say what seat she takes, but she never does.
Symbolism: seat choice symbolizes the decisions that are made on every Friday.
Speaker: Rebecca Black is the speakers
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