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User avatar #147 - Ryukenblaze (06/07/2011) [-]
fake real boobs dont press together like that without a bra..
I applaud her surgeon for being smart enough to make one larger than the other though
User avatar #159 to #147 - JackSchidt (06/07/2011) [-]
or......she was walking, causing them to jiggle, and the photo was snapped at just the right time to LOOK like they were squeezed together
User avatar #162 to #159 - Ryukenblaze (06/07/2011) [-]
in a natural walk, one boob would move back in general, while the other would be brought forward in space. Would take boobs far larger than those for them to jiggle and swing back to touching like what is being shown
#255 to #162 - Rascal (06/07/2011) [-]
or maybe its shoped
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