That High Comp 4. /funny_pictures/2202070/That+High+Comp+6/ /funny_pictures/2201046/That+High+Comp+5/. That High Comp Batteries not included) My husband and I b That High Comp 4 /funny_pictures/2202070/That+High+Comp+6/ /funny_pictures/2201046/That+High+Comp+5/ Batteries not included) My husband and I b
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That High Comp 4

That High Comp
Batteries not included)
My husband and I built a fort to
have sex in so the dogs wouldnt
Asked my mom why she would
accuse me of smoking in her
house. She said because your
holding a joint. that high.
Didn' t have any money for food so
I searched "pizza slideshow" on
youtube and watched videos of
pizza until I fell asleep. That high.
My friend was talking to his dad
on the phone for 20 min. halfway
through i yelled "Turn down the
music.' he' ll know we' re high." I
was listening to my ipod. That
I didn' t want my roomate to know
I was high. So I put on a sweater.
That high.
I had cottonmouth really bad, and
described it as being so bad
there should be black people in
my mouth picking it for harvest,"
to my black friend, who couldn' t
stop laughing for " minutes.
That high.
watched a bug zapper for an
hour by myself and screamed
man down!’ every time a
mosquito flew into it. That High.
Hotboxed in my car w/ some
friends, then went to see Alice in
Wonderland . As soon as we
sat down I put on the glasses
and was amazed by the special
effects. I found out " minutes
later that the previews weren' t in
That high.
I got high with my buddies and
started playing Super Smash
Bros. on the . I was trying to
smack talk them because I was
winning, but when I opened my
mouth, all that came out was,
That high.
While playing Guitar Hero, I held
the unused guitar and watched as
my friend played Parabola
perfectly. When it was finally
over I complimented him, and he
informed me that I was the one
playing. That high.
Kinda feels like I' m
milking you guys for
thumbs, so for
My face if you
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