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That High Comp 1

Tags: jewjitsu
That High Comp
I turned down my TV because I
couldn' t taste my macaroni. That
Tried to watch Memento with
about 6 other people. About half
an hour in, someone pointed out
that it was on mute. None of us
had noticed. That High.
looked at myself in the mirror for
10 minutes so i could watch
myself blink. i missed it every
time. i was so pissed. That High.
Looked at the clock, it said,
10: 00", 20 minutes later, looked
at it again and it said, "10: 03".
That High.
when my friend sat on my legs I
screamed "my potatoes'.'." instead
of "my legs'.'." cause I had been
thinking about french fries. that
we were so high that we made a
14 page PowerPoint on why Santa
would beat Peter pan in a fight.
l for part
3 if ‘E: My face if you
My face if
J" you thumb
tei" down.
Rt My face if you
i forget to
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