Yea, why doesn't she want it?. wow.. Home > Family 8 Relationships > Singles a Dating > Open Question 22222 22222 22222 22222 I 2222: l 2222: 22222 22222 gir' g
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Yea, why doesn't she want it?


Home > Family 8 Relationships > Singles a Dating > Open Question
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gir' gir' jirichi
e. 4. Basically my friend was trying to give me "love making" advice since me and my
jii girlfriend were planning on having sex forthe first time together, Hotell me to tell her
ii, i.' r. viii.' r. viii.' r. viii,. i, that I' m gang to give her "blue waffle", because all girls love it, basically it' s when girls
i, i, ii, i, i, i, i, i, i, i, i, i,. i, reach the climax ofthe ****** and scream really loud (the pun being they go blue in
i, i, ii, i, i, i, i, i, i, i, i, i,. i, But when i told her she looked at me really strange and said i was
gir' gir' jirichi
i, i, ii, i, i, i, i, i, i, i, i, i,. i, My friend keeps saying he told the truth and that my girlfriend might be on her period
i, i, ii, i, i, i, i, i, i, i, i, i,. i, or summin, although she wont speak to me for now,., yeah wtf is blue waffle and
gir' gir' jirichi
gir' gir' jirichi
Open Causation Show me another as
Girlfriend freaked out over "blue waffle"?
weird and
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Submitted: 02/20/2010
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User avatar #252 - BriiBrii (02/27/2010) [-]
**BriiBrii rolls 079,631,838** woooow :/
#251 - lalalalornie (02/26/2010) [-]
erm.. yum..
User avatar #249 - McCauleyc (02/22/2010) [-]
**McCauleyc rolls 940,399,080**
#246 - anonymous (02/21/2010) [-]
EVERYBODY LOOK AT 195's post.... think about that... you can bleed for just about ****** anything... you should know that damn emo... you know about bleeding enough already... maybe you should really think about things... if men didnt do that... your ****** ass wouldnt be here.. damn emowhore
#245 - anonymous (02/21/2010) [-]
thats ****** nasty
User avatar #233 - valentisLOL (02/21/2010) [-]
**valentisLOL rolls 168,354,315**
i googled blue waffle and threw up on my screen for the lov eof god do not look it up
#243 to #233 - anonymous (02/21/2010) [-]
everyone tells me nt to so i dont, but wtf is it?
#232 - anonymous (02/21/2010) [-]
**anonymous rolls 610,839,783** go to google > type blue waffle > im feelin lucky> holy **** .
#230 - anonymous (02/21/2010) [-]
**anonymous rolls 758,475,651** come on
#228 - anonymous (02/21/2010) [-]
**** blue waffles i want green pancakes
User avatar #226 - ExplosivesHurt (02/21/2010) [-]
>Wow< one thing i learned i really dident need to

User avatar #220 - lawlhurr (02/21/2010) [-]
hmmm i wonder what that is?
*google... b l u e w a f f l*
User avatar #216 - Memphis (02/21/2010) [-]
**Memphis rolls 5,729** Whoever looked up the thing for the very first time after seeing this should throw their computer into a volcano. You fail enough, so gtfo or die.
#207 - anonymous (02/21/2010) [-]
Dude, when i googled that my mom was right behind me and asked me wtf i was doing. i said some kid said he was gonna give his gf a blue waffle and i didnt know what it was until now. lmfao.
#202 - sdawl **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #201 - CapSoapMacTavish (02/21/2010) [-]
funny or not, STOP bringin back the BLUE friggin WAFFLE!
User avatar #198 - Beefsister (02/21/2010) [-]

I could certainly guess why she thought he was a weirdo :3
User avatar #193 - YxXKiNGXxY (02/21/2010) [-]
lol i just showed my girlfriend today she laughed her ass off XD
#217 to #193 - anonymous (02/21/2010) [-]
you dont have a girlfriend
#224 to #217 - anonymous (02/21/2010) [-]
User avatar #253 to #224 - YxXKiNGXxY (02/28/2010) [-]
shut ************ ! atleast i can vote
#190 - anonymous (02/21/2010) [-]
I just googled it, I dont think im gonna be able to get a boner for a while
#186 - dogbot (02/21/2010) [-]
I too am missing something
User avatar #187 to #186 - EvolutionOfFJ (02/21/2010) [-]
google blue waffle then you shall understand.
#180 - anonymous (02/21/2010) [-]
i just searched it i threw up it worse than mr hands or bme pain olypics... i wont sleep for weeks
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