Troll Science Comp. EDIT art 3: /funny_pictures/2175109/Troll+Science+Comp+3/ EDIT: Part 2: /funny_pictures/2173564/Troll+Science+Comp+2/. l, Feed magnets to fi Troll Science Comp EDIT art 3: /funny_pictures/2175109/Troll+Science+Comp+3/ EDIT: Part 2: /funny_pictures/2173564/Troll+Science+Comp+2/ l Feed magnets to fi
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Troll Science Comp

l, Feed magnets to fish.
2. Feed fish to pelican (preferably
in Frisco Bay)
3. Tape magnets to your head
and throw a rock at the polica ,
4. Enjoy free flight. (s,
Magnetism New
does l WW.
er force'
F We
duct tape fish to
Mateba ' s Dance
to victory!
Well, worry
co doms!
Use as many
condoms as needed!!!
b/ who Wynn need more
than in condoms, also
donate lo a sperm bank
for instant wealth!"
cui? is
If one breaks,
the one outside
it will catch
your sperm's
BONUS: Chicks will think 5 t
souljunk is bigger than
it really =
Birth protection
S E C KS " I Abortion doctors
will go out of
Gumgum fucksall
u my, and support tags?!!
walk on powerlines
Make free
Take a shit. enemy
from poop.
mu - light I Sell grass to soccer
g Repeat.
Infinit profit,
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