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Awesome minecraft texture packs

Hey , You all love minecraft, right? Have you ever heard
of texture packs though? If you haven' t, they make the
game look so much Better. Here are some of my favorites
Links in description).
Zelda Texture pack (by Alexander). Gives your
minecraft game the look of classic Zelda games'.
Pokecraft . Ever wanted your minecraft game to look
e the world of pokemon? Well with this, you can! All the
animals are different pokemon. See if you can recognize
them all yourself'.
Painterly texture pack . What' s so special about this
one, you ash? Well, when you go on the painterly website,
you can create your own texture pack. You choose from a
variety of options for EVERY item and block in minecraft, so
that your world w look however you want it too. Link is in
description. Here are some expample pics:
Mixcraft (comes in and ). This texture pack
Basic makes minecraft look a bit more realistic and
cleaner. If you can' t run the one, there' s always the
Basic. Note: for anything and higher, you' ll have to
download the patcher, which I' ll add in the description.
comes in 3 different shades. This one is
another one reminiscing of legend of zelda. It has an ancient
feel to it. I reccomend it to anyone'.
LB photorealism pack (, and ). This is the
Biggest texture pack you' ll Fatt. It' s hard to run, But it looks
so good. If you can' t run the largest, there are smaller
resolutions which could work for you.
his 12, 52
And Fmaily, my pesonal favorite, Misa' s texture pack
It isn' t as ridiculous as the photorealism, But it still
looks really good. For some reason I prefer this one to
photorealism. Try it out yourself'.
How to install texture packs: Download the zipped me on the
site, open it, copy the me and then paste it in a folder called
texture packs in the .minecraft (bin). To get there, click on
run, search %appdata%, click on .mincraft, then create the
folder! After that, open up your game, go in "Mods and
texture packs", and select the one you want'.
Hope you like them'. Next up, I' ll do mods.
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