Badasses of History. 100% oc part two is up now /funny_pictures/2161024/Badasses+of+History+Part+2/. sauna at . Ml, lillte Samual Champlain may be the only fren Badass history ba
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Badasses of History

sauna at . Ml, lillte
Samual Champlain
may be the only french
person to be a badass. This
guy invented the COD style
collateral. When he came to
the new world to set up
french colonies the natives
were not very happy, but that
didn' t stop Champlain. He
quickly lined up the shot and
fired, killing two indians with
one shot. After that he got a
laked named after him
llooll “SSH
Pusser was the sheriff in
County Tennessee
during the . There was
a large crime problem so
Pusser to a 4x4 board and
carved it into a club and beat
down criminals. He put over
7, 000 criminals in jail as
sheriff. He even jumped on
the hood of a moving car
that was trying to run him
over and beat up the guy
Jack Churchill was a military
man but got bored so he learned
to play the bag pipes. He signed
up to be a WWII commando
because it just sounded
dangerous. He charged enemies
on the battle field with nothing
but a claymore sword, a bow
and arrows, and his bagpipe
that he played into battle.
This man was shot, struck by
lightning, and bitten by a rattlesnake.
imit One time he was sky diving and his
parachute didnt deploy until he was
nearly 200 feet from the ground and
he walked away unharmed.
1 Afterwards he said this, "Lucky for
l me, I landed on a patch of high grass
and mud, which gave me a little bit of
a cushion. I walked away with a
K" chipped elbow." My personal favorite
thing was when he to wrestled a bear
in an airplane. Thats badass.
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