Top 10 one liners part 4 QUOTES, fixed.. Sorry but this one is the fixed version. is the website. Part 3: /funny_pictures/2148001/Top+10+one+liners+Part+3/. cro Top 10 one liners part 4 QUOTES fixed Sorry but this is the version website Part 3: /funny_pictures/2148001/Top+10+one+liners+Part+3/ cro
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Top 10 one liners part 4 QUOTES, fixed.

crop 10 Cr? ire LI? ,
10. So I wish I could play little league naw, I' d
kick some fuckin' ass.
9. Fish are always eating other, fish. If fish
could scream, the Mean would be loud as shit.
You would not want to submerge yaw head,
nothing but fish going "Arhh, fuck! I thought I
looked like that rack!"
8. Check this joke out', If you wanna talk to me
after, the show I' ll be... fuckin'... surprised.
I' m ganna have to have some liner notes far
that joke like, "During that joke, he points to
the back." So people get the full experience.
I' m ganna do a bunch of jokes that require
actually seeing me. Then the CD will piss people
7. When I was a boy, I laid in my
bed and wandered where my brather was.
as I don' t have a microwave wen, but I do
have a clock that occasionally cooks shit.
5. I had a parrot, The parrot talked, but it
did not say "I' m hungry," so it died.
4. I adder the club sandwich all the time, but
I' m not even a member, man. I don' t know how
I get away with it,
3. I' d like to make a vending machine that
sells vending machines. It' d have to be real
fuckin' big!
2. An escalator, can never' can only
become stairs. You would never' see an
Escalator, Temporarily Out Of Order" sign,
just "Escalator, Temporarily Stains, Sorry far
the convenience. We apologize far the fact
that you can still get up There."
1. On a Traffic light green means W and
yellow means yield, but an a banana it' s just
the opposite. Green means hold on, yellow
means w ahead, and red means where the
hell did you get that banana ...
beds: Theillestvillan (far giving me the
idea), and of causse Mitch friedberg.
Nam: 50 thumbs far mare, I found mare.
Second Now: If anyone has any ideas far
mare, please camment with a sample if
yaw doing a Comedian,
Bonus: Typing about a mare advanced
subject can get really immature really
fast, Take the phrase 'black hale far
example. If you leave the 'L' out of either,
ward, it can TOTALLY change the
of a sentence,
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