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User avatar #241 - amadhippie (05/23/2011) [-]
Who the **** uses ember on a water pokemon?
#244 to #241 - sawfellow (05/23/2011) [-]
its still stronger than tackle, know your **** bro!
User avatar #245 to #244 - amadhippie (05/23/2011) [-]
NO, its not you ******* retard. Plus charmander has scratch by then.
#246 to #245 - sawfellow (05/23/2011) [-]
it is you see. Charmander is a fire type, making all his fire type moves better. So scratch is 40, while Ember is 60.
#254 to #246 - anon (05/23/2011) [-]
Damn you stupid.

Scratch will result in 40 damage taken by Squirtle.

Ember, on the other hand, deals out 60 damage to those that aren't resistant to fire type moves. However, Squirtle is resistant to fire type moves, so therefor, Squirtle will only take half the damage of Ember, which will result in Ember only doing 30 damage to Squirtle.
#271 to #254 - Jasoon (05/23/2011) [-]
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User avatar #252 to #246 - Psyduck (05/23/2011) [-]
when an attack is not very effective it does half its base damage to the opponent. Causing ember to only do 30 base damage. Also, scratch has a high critical hit ratio making triple damage a possibility. 40 X 3 = 120 base damage. Scratch is the more effective move in this situation. In the original games pokemon also did not have abilities, so charmander would not gain the 1.3 X bonus from that ability, nor would he gain the 1.15 (?) bonus of using a same type attack.

Trust me... I'm a psyduck.
User avatar #296 to #252 - sirizenhime (05/23/2011) [-]
scratch does not have a high critical ratio...slash does.
Also, a critical hit doesn't triple damage...it doubles it.

On the other hand...ember's base power is only 40, not 60 like some people seem to think, so regardless, scratch would still be better.
User avatar #304 to #296 - Psyduck (05/23/2011) [-]
Ah, I apologize for providing false information about scratch attack and critical hits...

either way, in the end, scratch is always better when dealing normal damage to a water type than ember dealing not very effective damage to a water type.

unless......... there would have to be a serious difference in defense and special defense of the opponent for ember to deal more damage, but it is possible.
User avatar #251 to #246 - unlucki ONLINE (05/23/2011) [-]
but its a water type which makes it halfed so it would be 30 so scratch would be better
User avatar #249 to #246 - amadhippie (05/23/2011) [-]
But embers damage gets reduced severely because its "not very effective", leaving it around somewhere about less than 10 damage. Have you never played pokemon?
User avatar #261 to #249 - TheBartender (05/23/2011) [-]
Ember gets a STAB (same type attack bonus) from a fire type using it. I forget what ember's base attack is, but you take it, multiply it by 1.5 then add that number to the base. Now, any attack that is "not very effective" has the damaged reduced by half. So now you take the damage from ember after STAB, and cut it in half. That is damage done before you factor in defense or special defense. Yes I know I'm a nerd.
User avatar #262 to #261 - amadhippie (05/23/2011) [-]
Not in the originals, there is no STAB
User avatar #282 to #262 - KazumaKyu ONLINE (05/23/2011) [-]
Then it would still do 20 points of damage initially, before factoring in the defending Pokemon's Special stat (in the original, special attack and special defense were both taken from the Special stat), since Ember has a base damage of 40 points.
#286 to #282 - epicwaffleman (05/23/2011) [-]
God you guys must be virgins.
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