Airline Safety Part 3. Part 1 - /funny_pictures/2142897/Airline+Safety/ Part 2 -/funny_pictures/2142907/Airline+Safety+Part+2/. Okay. who ? mm In to get in- um  Airline Safety Part 3 1 - /funny_pictures/2142897/Airline+Safety/ 2 -/funny_pictures/2142907/Airline+Safety+Part+2/ Okay who ? mm In to get in- um
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Airline Safety Part 3

Okay. who ?
mm In to get in-
um nut.
In many Fa, mm, "curity, you
your nut cushion. may mm ta supergod
yum may tta your chm.
dit D B Cl Cl Ct a
Should hunky woman choose In
Uhrm av mm, prom. nary puppets
husky waning "it himan Ind consult In your .
on (MCI.
amare oi Dan. Ha mm in the
mug. hana. upon mm, plain
your .
wanna try to front, Just on ma,
mix in the mun cut you aln' t
his bomb!”
Fnally missingno wath
win on ponifiy naked
In Iowa the -imam.
Ifyou mould a sudden
My to an "It, you wwll
rind to Minnow the door baron
doing :.
Ilegul Ion TEAL innm Is no way in non has
geeing my on ant M on
The on rule om. mile
high Mutt In In Ilium! the
one hold on light!
sowing an an . for . 55
you sowing .
no is a
anamal mink: wwll o.
Stay tuned -'
Tri' shavers
Do not Allow an loin union to
mutant you whim may
Ind "ting mullet.
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