User avatar #287 - CuteMudkipz (05/22/2011) [-]
"Credit to reddit" doesn't make up for you constantly stealing comments and reposting them. Reddit is a place for originality. Every comic on reddit was made by the people who posted them.
#291 to #287 - anon (05/22/2011) [-]
Unfortunately though

Reddit was founded after FJ

So that would make everything there a repost of either 4chan or FJ

They technically are stealing from us
User avatar #303 to #291 - CuteMudkipz (05/22/2011) [-]
Reddit might have been founded post FJ, but the F7U12 community on reddit is a community that strives on originality. anything that isnt OC is deleted by the F7U12 mods.
User avatar #305 to #303 - CuteMudkipz (05/22/2011) [-]
Its not when the website started, its the community.
#295 to #291 - mrgoo has deleted their comment [-]
#299 to #295 - anon (05/22/2011) [-]
So then explain why every single ******* character in the comics

Is a meme straight off of 4chan

And every single joke is from facebook

Go back to blogspamming on reddit if you're so protective of its ****
#307 to #299 - anon (05/22/2011) [-]
Memes come of 4chan, yes. Reddit doesn't clame false credit for them and neither does FunnyJunk.
#311 to #307 - anon (05/22/2011) [-]
And yet... they blogspam, which is worse than reposting.

Def. of blogspaming: posting something from somewhere else on the internet, then linking it to your webpage without giving credit to the original creator.
User avatar #317 to #311 - CuteMudkipz (05/22/2011) [-]
The only issue reddit has with that is imgur posting, NOT blogspam. People will take comics from other websites and post them to imgur because more people click on those links, and it is ******** . I agree with you on that.
User avatar #304 to #299 - CuteMudkipz (05/22/2011) [-]
Just so you know, almost all of the new rage faces (past 6-12 months) have originated on reddit.
#308 to #304 - anon (05/22/2011) [-]
Only rage face I know, comes from 4chan. Reddit is **** .
User avatar #318 to #308 - CuteMudkipz (05/22/2011) [-]
"Only rage face I know" So there is only one rageface now? the term "rageface" doesn't mean the person raging, its the style of comic.
User avatar #290 to #287 - mrgoo (05/22/2011) [-]
Yeah. Stealing other peoples comics is the exact reason why the internet hates us, and giving credit doesn't make it any better. **** you funnyjunk.
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