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User avatar #4 - philythemaster
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(05/15/2011) [-]
To make a comp in Paint, ready?

1) Zoom out in paint to 12.5% or 25%...
2) Stretch out the paint panel to as long/wide as you need it...
3) Go to paste, click the down arrow, and select Paste From...
4) Select the folder with your pictures/comics...
5) Paste them to Paint and arrange them however you want to make your comp.

Hope it helps. Keep the minecraft account, I don't play. Only trying to be nice.
#7 to #4 - lollane [OP]
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(05/16/2011) [-]
thankyou good sir,i have windows xp so could you tell me how to get to paint please?
#8 to #7 - jrook
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(05/16/2011) [-]
search 'paint'. Its in acessories.... honestly If you didnt know that you probably shouldnt be making comps.