New drug. I am in no way advocating the use of this drug. If you are stupid enough to try it and overdose then you had it coming. Please this is just for entert waste shit Drugs fail
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New drug

I am in no way advocating the use of this drug. If you are stupid enough to try it and overdose then you had it coming. Please this is just for entertainment.

Collier County Sheriff is Office
v. he " Criminal Intelligence Bureau
Sheriff thm Hunter Lieutenant Al Guniea Bulletin it orgone
3301 E Samiami Trail, Bldg J CHE (2 39) ' 79 Date:
Naples, FL 34] Fax (239) 24 Page 1 oft
Information Bulletin
New Drug -
On 09/ 19/ 07 Cpl. Diane received and email from a concerned parent regarding a new drug called
Ktmktm". The parent advised their child learned about this drug through various conversations with
several students at Palmetto Ridge High.
J enkel originated in Africa and other third world countries by fermenting raw sewage to create a gas
which is inhaled to achieve a high. Jenkem is now a popular drug in American Schools.
Jenkem is a homemade substance which consists of fecal matter and urine., The fecal matter
and urine are placed in a bottle orkar and covered most with a balloon, The
container is then placed in a sunny area for several hours or days until fermented. The contents
ofthe container will separate and release a gas, which is captured in the balloon. Inhaling the
gas is said to have a euphoric high similar to ingesting cocaine but with strong hallucinations of
times past.
Once ingested the onset of the high takes approximately IO seconds with the most severe hallucinations
happening in approximately 20 minutes. Several articles indicate that the subject immediately passes out
after ingesting the gas then regains a state within seconds of regaining
consciousness. The high has been described by subjects as a feeling of "being out of it" and talking to
dead people. The feeling of being "out of it" may last for several hours or days,
All subjects who used the Jenkem disliked the taste of sewage in their mouth and
the fact that the taste continued For several days
Slang terms: Winnie, **** , Runners, Fruit from Crack Pipe, Leroy Jenkees,
Might, Butthair, and Waste.
1% s Inl' is being I' for law laul' mrry and ' be starteled an CON' F' ',.. h' Tim,., We . ~. orchie with-
tiel the of We Collier Commy 'lloll' Iei: Comical intelligence moreau is strickly . l he ' of Ili, bulletin is for ofthis "tme nail
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User avatar #7 - disturbing (02/17/2010) [-]
im a stoner myself(no hardcore drugs like coke) and i think this is ******* disgusting. imagine how many diseases u could get from just 1 inhalation
User avatar #6 - jayj (02/17/2010) [-]
**jayj rolls 575,643,151**
"Leroy Jenkems" Hilarious!
User avatar #1 - LookAtTheDuck (02/17/2010) [-]
**LookAtTheDuck rolls 838,014,221** Post this on 4chan :D
#12 - anonymous (02/18/2010) [-]
Okay who the **** found this out?
User avatar #11 - Nekatroz (02/18/2010) [-]
**Nekatroz rolls 592,824,914** Then, lettuce cigarretes
#10 - anonymous (02/18/2010) [-]
#9 - nofighting **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#8 - oldschoolrebel **User deleted account** (02/17/2010) [-]
**oldschoolrebel rolls 039,775,021** >.<
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