Alone Together. check these out: /funny_pictures/2107789/It+makes+sense/ /funny_pictures/2107913/GLOBES/ /funny_pictures/2108010/the+rage+of+immortality/. are s Alone Together check these out: /funny_pictures/2107789/It+makes+sense/ /funny_pictures/2107913/GLOBES/ /funny_pictures/2108010/the+rage+of+immortality/ are s
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Alone Together

are some people that live
among you-
Invisible to fit tn.
But they do not succeed.
People call them
Forever Alone
They await patiently for
their time to Come...
So next time you' re out,
look around you.
If you take the time and you
are really careful,,.
You may recognise them...
Try talking to mam...
That' s ALL it takes.
Watching you...
Envying you-
So, they find other ways to spend
that tune...
And they are Legion.
For they are MANY.
The time when they find that
special someone and they will be
Forever Alone no more.
You may even BE axle
Because many...
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