The Problem with OKCupid.. Front pagez0rs!? , yo!. Hey there " You have an interesting prostile. So vou’ re into Joy Division and ? That' s awesome; those are t
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The Problem with OKCupid.

Hey there "
You have an interesting
prostile. So vou’ re into
Joy Division and ?
That' s awesome; those are two
of my favorite bands, I' actu-
ally met Thom Yorke a few
times- Therm great live- Have
we ever been to one of their
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Submitted: 05/12/2011
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#584 - GeeTeeEffOhh ONLINE (08/11/2011) [-]
User avatar #583 - DemelixTsuki (05/22/2011) [-]
the first guy looks like me creepy
User avatar #582 - exportreject (05/19/2011) [-]
i havent laughed this hard in weeks.
#581 - buya (05/18/2011) [-]
at first i was like but the i was like
User avatar #553 - hollywoodhepburn (05/13/2011) [-]
:) lucky me i got the sexiest boyfriend who's the biggest nerd in the world! with his starcraft and sexytime. maybe people should stop with all this cause this stereotypical isnt just with girls but yea with guys too. its really loosing its funny. and if your gunna cry about it then maybe you should stop going for just looks. besides, Looks arent forever~ <3
#551 - tehnewbinator (05/13/2011) [-]
seriously? i am a straight guy..and i get the joke well,comic(and i thumbed) :L But ...if u look...most of the comments are about boobs and **** ...not actual intelligent girls..(but guys will be guys)....A LOT of guys are like this as well? if u had the choice u'd go for the best looking chick :L ..i do acknowledge the small percentage of guys that aren't like this...but thumbs red thumbs red thumbs :\
User avatar #546 - BlancoCheese (05/13/2011) [-]
Isn't that the same problem with real life?
User avatar #543 - Chieftenz (05/13/2011) [-]
Reminds me of banelings...
User avatar #541 - deadinferno ONLINE (05/13/2011) [-]
<------- My reaction to last panel
#538 - mindlessmonkey (05/13/2011) [-]
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#533 - drillur (05/13/2011) [-]
Meh. Kind of sick of this joke. Girls go for douchebags, we know that already.
Meh. Kind of sick of this joke. Girls go for douchebags, we know that already.
#534 to #533 - gwlk (05/13/2011) [-]
Not really a joke, though...
User avatar #535 to #534 - drillur (05/13/2011) [-]
Um. So you think girls spray **** like that all over their PCs when they see a douchebag like that? Of course this is a joke.
User avatar #539 to #535 - DrSalvador (05/13/2011) [-]
She should join the fire dept
#532 - EvilApples (05/13/2011) [-]
<--- first guy
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#527 - debramster (05/13/2011) [-]
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#525 - webfeet (05/13/2011) [-]
my life in a nut shell
#521 - anonymous (05/13/2011) [-]
That's ******** . I ignore messages from both types of male shown here... the second one, because I like to actually be able to have conversations with people I "interact" with. The first one, because he sounds like a pompous indie kid, I hate name droppers...
User avatar #523 to #521 - Alicegotchained (05/13/2011) [-]
I disagree on the first one because it stated that she liked both Radiohead and Joy Division, so that would mean that he was not name dropping, but more trying to start a conversation.
#529 to #523 - anonymous (05/13/2011) [-]
Merrrr. Fair enough buuut I'm the girl in this analysis soooo....

Haha. It would have been a lot better if the part about meeting Thom Yorke wasn't in there... See, women aren't that hard to understand. It's the thrill of the chase. No one wants to be chased too vigorously, and no one wants to chase anyone else too vigorously (except guys on the internet...)

He should've mentioned their similar taste in music to break the ice, and then ended the message with a clear path for the girl to easily reply.
#548 to #529 - anonymous (05/13/2011) [-]
For God sakes, it's an internet comic...
Don't over-analyze it, and kill it.
Aslo, admit it, you're a stuck up skank looking out for one person only.
#514 - dinnertime (05/13/2011) [-]
Well played.
#512 - tchpookie (05/13/2011) [-]
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#510 - Madonion **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
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