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#107 - noddy
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(05/12/2011) [-]
I always am great with customer service people.

The other night I had a guy from Vodafone ring me up asking me if I was happy with my service etc etc. Started asking how is day was going and stuff, thought I'd be nice as it's got to be a damn **** job sat there ringing people all day. In the end he found a way to get insurance for my phone dead cheap, unlocked my phone so I could look at porn and also sent me out a new charger as I said the one I had was slightly damaged. Such a nice guy :)
#141 to #107 - JackSchidt
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(05/12/2011) [-]
it can be a ****** job. Especially when some jackass goes over his minutes, then cusses ME out and says I must be a ********** stupid ************ for not warning him. (BTW "stupid" is the only thing you can call me that will piss me off). Don't people realize it is THEIR responsibility to check their own minute usage? If the guy I am referring to had been NICE, i would have given him a 50 percent overage credit. Instead, I told him they were legitimate charges and I would not credit them. (His overage was 287 dollars)
#110 to #107 - Heaney
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(05/12/2011) [-]
o2 called me the other day too asking about how much I liked their service :O gave me 50 free text to any network every month for being with them so long.