Texts From Last Night Comp 2. PART 2! Part 1 here /funny_pictures/2083774/Texts+from+Last+Night+comp+1/ +10 for part 3 -10 ill stop. Part?! E e IAJ". Favorite A texts funny Junk FUNNYJUNK Boobs night from last
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Texts From Last Night Comp 2

E e IAJ". Favorite A
ugh i oan' t even near this perfume anymore. itjust brings pad: blurry memories of
plow. -was and regret.
E e ". Favorite A
did I paint my nails blue or do I need to make a trip to the ER?
636) t
there was 12 of us, girls alluded, shirtless and wielding swords as the bet on root:
paper Elma in the middle atthe has it waslike Elmo Mayo inversion atthe
Deer Hunter
tait e ". Favorite A
some people ottered us free beer as long as we shotgunned it and after you
shotgunned tour without pausing they toilet their otter hash
E e -4", Favorite A
she let a nameless guy feel her up so she eould go tor a ride in his shopping om
E e LI". Favorite A
I' m ' s choirs. Am ? am Ia thill predator?
574) t
Predator. Straight up.
tlel e (L . Favorite A
563) t
My fmtrick part the day is the 2 seconds of ignorance you have when you first
make up. Right you remember where your mouth was last night.
E e Favorite '
Random question, hows your gag reflex these days
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