iPhone fails part 3. wow thanks guys didn't think i'd make front page. twice... part 1 - /funny_pictures/2079073/iPhone+fails/ part 2 -/funny_pictures/2079273/i iPhone fails
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iPhone fails part 3

Tags: iPhone | fails
Mar so than PM ( atvs, iar'
Mess ages
ajust how to
use dock slap on my
whens! (kinda feel dumb)
HOLY SHIT! I mean:
kinda feel
reality dumb now)
E 23: 02
Kevin i
Hahahahahaha no making
way. No. Fucking, Way.
No way in hell did that just
This makes my week. j
I lose you, man. I lotto
is Ciuy t mass"
f I took a shit with him I
Shot! Shot! Not shut )
course - when I wanna
type shit it autocorrects to
something also
Well Drew this has been a
great ponyo
assay as 1: 19 PM GB
Andrew Cell
wow... neither of those
Is normal
Nothing surprises me
sun- Mar so we PM
we heard of
but not
I Again? in
u, ATAT so any PM ='
Jan. 2, 21111 : ait PM
f Damn whens I
mu. may -as issue PM
Mar 'Cf an 1 PM sees as
Mess ages
Holy shit. its called
Persian red! I got
errected Epie fail
Staying around home... You
amid always dome around
and bone with me and my
an well there is always next
so ans PM tit wecan"
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f, Steam for lashes l)
Jan B, 2311 Tali PM
r pa rt 4
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