42 things girls shouldn't do for guys. its both should and shouldn't heres the oppsite funnyjunk.com/funny_pictures/2081914/ill+pick+a+title+later/. I. As much
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42 things girls shouldn't do for guys

I. As much as you want to talk about past relationships. keep it ma minimum. unless he asks. You
don' t want him to feel like he' s in competition with anyone.
2. Every guy has a ‘geeky side of him. Whether it he bideo games. DVD. Wow. mime- foothill among
other sports. or whatever. Don' t make fun of him if you don' t like t either tolerate t or learn to like t
DC) NOT try to change him. If he' s constantly ignoring you format hohho of his. tell him.
S- When you hug the my. hold tight. ' t hurter rest your head on him either. ''
A Compromise for movies. Watch his favorite movies and he' ll give in for the movie you want to see.
S. Sometimes pay tor the date! I know guys hate this. hut if he takes you out constantly. it' s more than
likely he' s going to he poor! Treat him sometime. Even my the snacks!
S. Hold his hand!! Even in the mall when you have a ton of tbags. hold his hand.
I Don' t run away from his facorite stores. it you don' t like them] Watch him. Gift ideas!!
Anytime your guy gives you a compliment. don' tjust roll your eyes. He means it. and you should
smile and say thank you.
g. Guys are pressured to take the relationship to a "deeper level". Stupid society. Anyway. if you dont
want that in a relationship. tell him before things get too complicated! you can . ifyou
are uncomfortable with something. STOP.
10. "Fine" or "whatever'' is not an appropriate ending to a conversation. Only makes matters worse.
11. Life isn' ta drama or a movie. This is real life. people. They don' t often come with a sword. armor.
and a white steed. If they do come with armor. it' s typically rusty. If they come with a white steed: it' s
probally slow. And if they come with a sword {which is strange. out mine came with many): it has
probally never slain a dragon or defended a castle.
12. NEVER EVER kick them in the place heloo the belt. Even in a tight or argument.. just teon' t tlo it.
13. TRUST HIM. Don' t scream when he looks at another girl. We know you were goggling at the cute
guy testjust passed. It' s nature. Don' tdog through his phonebook. and hey. guys can have female
friendslist like girls can have male friends. If this makes things awkward. talk about t
14. This should go without saying. Love him for who he is! Don' t worry about what others think- Don' t try
to change him into what' s cool and hip. Some compromises can he made. and tell him that if he ever
has a prollem you changing him. to tell you.
15. In an because society stereotypes women as haing smarter. more mature. and men
as duhh and immature. doesn' t mean you are always right.
16. Listen to him. Even if it' s something you don' t want to hear. Good communication is key.
17. Cook. It may sound stereotypical. hut a lot tfguys like having a meal cooked farther. A lot of it is
the thought. hut if you truly are terrible. then mache this isn' t one you should try. If you know how to
cook:. mache teach him. or you hoth can learn together.
18. Sing. Many girls underestimate how well they sing. you don' t have to he ahll to sing IO octaves or
whatever. Don' t he embarrassed to sing in front ofa guy. just let yourselfes a hit and have some fun.
A girl has the right to show off her hwy. hut keep your pride and dignity. Be careful! If you show off
too much. guys {andjust people in general) may get the wrong message and make assumptions.
SCI. Just like girls want girl time. guys want guy time. Swing your guy space to hang with his friends is
not only fair. hut it shows you trust him in a way.
21. Respect the guy for who he is- not because he earns your respect. Guys relate to each other on a
respect level. and if you want him to open up to you. he has to know that you don' t look down on him.
22. Let your guy take pictures of you. He may not admit it. hut that picture will probally he with him
always. Even if you think it looks horrible.
SS. Don' t always expect the guy to he the one to call. It is okay to call your boyfriend on occasion. and it
shows him that you care about him and are thinking about him. And don' t get upset affor some reason
he doesn' t have time to talk. He does have a life
at Remind him that you appreciate all the sweet little things he does for you. Let him know it' s not all in
SS. lfa guy uses a key to let you into his car. reach ayer and open the door before he gets to t I know
this may he common sense to mistrials. hut you know. some do notto this. It' s a tiny little action that
can make a guy go "Hey. she' s considerate."
SS. Let the guy open the door for you or do any other chivalric action. He' s tumbling your wish for a
gentleman. don' t deny him the chance to do something nice for you. Thank him! You are doing all
these wonderful things for him. let him return the fayer-
27. Communicate with him. Tell him directly what' s on your mind. you can always hope that he' ll get
your suttle hints or hwy language. hot if it' s important. you' re hatter off using words. Guys aren' t
always in tune with our subtlety.
SS- Sometimes you have to take the initiative. Don' t always wait for him to come to you. because ifthat' s
how it always is. you' re going to lose him.
SS. ifthey my you jewelry. wear it around them. even ifyou don' t like it. They will appreciate t because
it' S the thought that counts.
SCI- A word of appreciation now and then regarding his attitude will go miles
toward the end- You won' t regret t
31. When you are talking to a guy you are interested in. lean in. touch his arm or hand while your
talking- Physical touch communicates interest and value.
32. Whether it' s from across the room or while downtalking let him know that you are only interested in
what he has to said. So look into his eyes and smile.
SS- him hazed on his friends. They may give some insight. guys as well as
girls can befriend people that are completely opposite of themselves because they like the change.
Don' t let who he hangs around with he the deciding factor of your judgments about him. Get to know
34. Cute is what he is when he does something goofy. not how you should compliment his looks. Tell
him he looks handsome-.- or any other word you' d use to describe James Sow. Just like you want to
recalled beautiful. he' d rather he handsome.
SS- Let him know you' re on his side and that you support him and hellere in him.
SS- Call him instead offlining or femail. Let him talkto you and hear your voice. Note: sometimes. incan' t
he helped. Long distance relationships are sometimes forced to use AIM. In this case. use a camera!!
You can see him and hear him.
37. Write him letters! If you want to tell him something ' ccome up with the words in person.
take the time to write them down. He' ll appreciate it because he can read word for word how you feel for
him ayer and ayer again. and you know he won' t forget it.
SS- Girls should do little things for guys. If they ask for a drink. just get it for them cause they don' t ask
often. Or surprise them with little gifts (even it homemade) it' ll show them that you care about them and
thought about them during the day- even ifthey don' t admit t they like it as much as we do
39- DON' T CHEAT ON HIM] IT' S NEVER WORTH IN He WILL find out one way or another and MUS are
you guys are through- Whether you were already split up or still dating-.- you' ll he lucky if he still wants
to he your friend]
tth Forgive him. Not hundreds eutimes for the same mistakes. hut relationships are going to have
problems and there will he apologies on hoth sides-.- Forgiveness is a huge part of a relationship. You
may not always want to do it, and he will not always deserve it. hut then again. we don' t
necessarily always deserve forgiveness either...
41. know that you and the one you are with should end the relationship. have the integrity and
respect to tell them that the relationship is ayer. Do youjust leave and never speaked them again. It' s
not fair.
42. Don' t mess with a guy if you know they like you. This could cause the end of a friendship. If he' s
yourfriend. he a friend. Leading him on must wrong: chances are he likes you even though he knows
he doesn' t have a shot. and letting him think he has one then yanking it away must plain hitchu. no
other word for it.
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#66 - maskedhippo (05/06/2011) [+] (4 replies)
#73 - Sinless (05/06/2011) [+] (3 replies)
I'm forever alone anyway
I'm forever alone anyway
User avatar #106 - zyzook (05/06/2011) [-]
I read this to create the illusion that I even have a girl that can follow these.
User avatar #76 - TheBushi (05/06/2011) [+] (3 replies)
43. Don't tell your boyfriend you'll never find love again for a long time and when you move that you'll be alone because you don't wanna look for anybody. And then when he breaks up with you, find someone 2 weeks later that you were texting while you guys were together.

Dumb ******* bitch. True Story.
#49 - nauz (05/06/2011) [-]
Plans on using these.

Never uses these. Ever.
User avatar #83 - Comintern (05/06/2011) [-]
#43 give him a blowjob. he'll really like it. guarandamnteed
#11 - ColonelFox (05/06/2011) [+] (3 replies)
I think people say "pic unrelated" just so they can use one of their reaction pics that they never get to use.

pic unrelated
#4 - ghosteez (05/06/2011) [+] (3 replies)
#42 happened to me a few times.
#60 - cloakedone has deleted their comment [+] (1 reply)
#63 to #60 - dirtysmurf (05/06/2011) [-]
You're an idiot! Don't knock him/her off just because you're in a relationship and it's all dandy and fine. She's just telling the girls out there that they may do things they might not recognize at the time and now they will be. There was no need for your comment.
#136 - monkee ONLINE (05/06/2011) [+] (3 replies)
See, I do all this but only attract ass-holes. I wish I could meet a nice geeky guy who was also considerate and didn't just want my ass. :((
See, I do all this but only attract ass-holes. I wish I could meet a nice geeky guy who was also considerate and didn't just want my ass. :((
#141 to #136 - pkashp (05/06/2011) [-]
Try looking in the friend zone.
Try looking in the friend zone.
#130 - CakemanRPG ONLINE (05/06/2011) [-]
took three minutes
took three minutes
#117 - kcfan **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [+] (3 replies)
#98 - pkashp (05/06/2011) [-]
Many people are saying this isn't funny, even though this is "Funny.junk" Regardless, I thumbed this. I thumbed because this does not necessarily keep with the technicalities of Funny.Junk, but it certainly does keep in mind that deep down, we all love each other. Al of us are sensitive to one degree or another. We all have this quality in common. Also OP's a fag.
Many people are saying this isn't funny, even though this is "Funny.junk" Regardless, I thumbed this. I thumbed because this does not necessarily keep with the technicalities of Funny.Junk, but it certainly does keep in mind that deep down, we all love each other. Al of us are sensitive to one degree or another. We all have this quality in common. Also OP's a fag.
#86 - imnotawesome (05/06/2011) [+] (3 replies)
User avatar #47 - desviper (05/06/2011) [-]
(it's wierd reading this as a guy)
I read #3, first if was like :awwwwwwww
then i foreveraloned
#113 - fuckingmakeme (05/06/2011) [+] (1 reply)
#58 - lilhamm (05/06/2011) [-]
aweee i'll do some of these things :)
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