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Tags: antihumor
A horse walks into a bar. The bartender asks,
Why the long face?" The horse does not A duck walks
respond because it is a horse. It can neither . ii _ b
speak nor understand English. It is confused and In Alli ill an
heightened by its and it gallon's out . l
of the bar, knocking over a few tables. 'M' a' is
eagled and the
Why was six afraid of seven? 511135 if _
released in a
It wasn' t. Numbers are not nearby Park‘
sentient and thus incapable of
feeling fear
Your momma' s say tn the
so fat that she '
should we are bulb lawyers
probably be
worried about
the increased Why liltle ' i ')IN'
risk of drop has we
cardiovascular , l he 'i' , iial, hit
disease. . by at him
A dueled walks into '.iit. bar,
the bartender salts,
What' ll it be?" The dusk
doesn' t say anything
because its a duck.
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