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#860 - PathofPain **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#960 to #860 - anonymous (04/26/2011) [-]
Wow. If feel sorry for you. The Zionists have really warped your mind haven't they?

May Allah guide you and protect you my brother.
User avatar #949 to #860 - thefran (04/26/2011) [-]
> The only reason religion is created is because people needed questions answered that they were too stupid to figure out on their own.

Sorry but you simply fail anthropology and I'm not even going to argue.

As a matter of fact, largest religions do NOT try to explain how stuff works. They explain the meaning of things.
User avatar #969 to #949 - JSismyname (04/26/2011) [-]
>do NOT try to explain how stuff works

I would direct you toward Genesis 1:1 - 1:31 where the bible explains the origins of the universe... on the first page of the bible :P
#886 to #860 - anonymous (04/26/2011) [-]
I approve, in my point of view, Religion = Extremists (Because they believe they have to spread their "Message" by force) = Violence = War (To protect their own religion)

I've also been thinking about the event of 2012 and how it can't be true, you can't simply be good at math and predict it all. Justin Bieber dies in 20 years.
That was easy to throw out a lie out there.
User avatar #945 to #886 - JSismyname (04/26/2011) [-]
The end of the world will surely not end in 2012, nor will it end on the 21st of May 2011 as many christians are claiming. I will crack open a beer on the night of the suposed judgement day and smile to myself as the clock ticks past midnight and nothing has happened.
#872 to #860 - anonymous (04/26/2011) [-]
The only reason evolution was created was because an old man got really drunk and saw animals changing into humans.
User avatar #878 to #872 - JSismyname (04/26/2011) [-]
Read a book once in a while. Blocking your ears and denying everything doesn't make you right. Infact, science makes you wrong.
#885 to #878 - anonymous (04/26/2011) [-]

And believing everything a scientist says, and not making your own thought out conclusions makes you ignorant.
#884 to #878 - anonymous (04/26/2011) [-]
Funny, I was going to say the exact same thing to you.
User avatar #895 to #884 - JSismyname (04/26/2011) [-]
What? The bible? Your two thousand year old collection of fairy stories writen by goat sacrificing superstitious farmers with as much knowledge as a present day 10 year old? Because those bufoons who could barely read know more than modern day scientists who spend decades or centureys trying to decern the truth, just for a willfull ignoramus like yourself to deny it and breed your idiocy into the genepool to stall the entire technological advance of the species as much as you possibly can? News for you, i've read it, and it was one of the main things that lead toward me being an Atheist. Now why don't you open your eyes and realise adults with imaginary friends are stupid?
#906 to #895 - anonymous (04/26/2011) [-]
You bible thumping, Religion bashing ignoramus. This has to simply be the rudest thing on funnyjunk so far. You're so set in your beliefs, that you're ignorant to any type of contradiction of your own thoughts, which makes you dumb. Simply dumb. If you cannot accept that someone else has a different view than you, then you're more ignorant than a caveman. The secret to being wise is understanding the aspects and views of all things. You haven't read the Bible. The Bible takes over a year to read and more than that to understand what it's saying, and since it led you to be an Atheist, I doubt you got to the end, or halfway through at that. The stories in the Bible may sound a little strange, but most of them were true..and there's more than
#907 to #906 - anonymous (04/26/2011) [-]
a biblical account to reference these stories. Look up the Gilgamesh epic, which was either the Babylonian or Syrian depiction of 'The Great Flood' that the bible foretold as Noah's Arc. Neither of us will be persuaded, but you'll never achieve true knowledge until you learn to cope and understand without being ignorant and pessimistic about it.
User avatar #913 to #907 - JSismyname (04/26/2011) [-]
Wow... that was just rediculous. I'm not even going to start with where you are wrong. Let's just say... All of it. For one, I don't have beliefs, I have evidence. I have fact, you have belief. As for "accepting someone with a different viewpoint", agree to disagree does not apply to factual claims. It's like you saying "It's my viewpoint that the sky is red! Just accept my viewpoint". I don't gain ANY knowledge from accepting that which is untrue, so that completely dimolishes everything you said of the subject of knowledge. As for the gilgamesh story, it is also a fictional story that the bible story was based off. Niether of them happened, there is no evidence. You have zero understanding on this subject...
#915 to #913 - anonymous (04/26/2011) [-]
HAHAHAH. Funny kid. I know you only read stuff online because you try to spell everything right, but fail at the easiest of words. When it comes to accepting someones viewpoint, it's not about gaining knowledge, it's about accepting the fact that someone thinks differently than you, and you needing to shut the **** up about and quite smearing their beliefs everywhere. As for your so called 'evidence'....lmao....it doesn't exist. Explain this, one code of dna, or one dna segment contains enough information to fill up 100,000 books, 100,000 pages thick. And that's one dna segment, and that has been proven..unlike your theory of evolution, which will only be a theory, because no solid evidence has been found.
User avatar #924 to #915 - JSismyname (04/26/2011) [-]
Ever heard of correlation does not imply causation? Just because DNA is extremely complex does not imply at any level that it was intellegently designed, and rather implies natural selection over a period of millions of years. Other than that you don't understand what a scientific theory is. Go read up on that and then come back and try again. /facepalm. It's like argueing with a child. You really, really, really want to be right, but your just not; and no matter how much you repeat your idiocy, it wont make you right.
#925 to #924 - anonymous (04/26/2011) [-]
Lol keep talking....you already fail...

User avatar #927 to #925 - JSismyname (04/26/2011) [-]
Just blocking your ears and repeating to yourself again because all of your arguements have been decimated while mine stand tall. Just slink away and mentally compress this instance so you can maintain your strawman integrity on this subject. You're embarresing yourself.
#930 to #927 - anonymous (04/26/2011) [-]
Argument? I thought you called it a debate. Which means you have to be open minded, therefore you're defending yourself, showing how butthurt you are, but you can keep thumbing me down, because it's not like it's going to effect me, lmfao.
User avatar #932 to #930 - JSismyname (04/26/2011) [-]
A verbal Argument and a debate are the same thing, and nowhere does the definition state that debaters have to be openminded (which I am), and accept magical hocuspocus as evidence (Which is what you would like). Another definition you need to read up on.
#936 to #932 - anonymous (04/26/2011) [-]
You're not open minded? You're the biggest fool anyone will ever see lololol. Who can't even accept that some people have different viewpoints. You're such a viewpoint and bible bashing dickwad, that you continue to waste your time over this. I've written some essays for English Literature during this time. Congrats, you've achieved self-satisfaction, now go masturbate to it.
User avatar #937 to #936 - JSismyname (04/26/2011) [-]
On the risk of repeating myself, "As for "accepting someone with a different viewpoint", agree to disagree does not apply to factual claims. It's like you saying "It's my viewpoint that the sky is red! Just accept my viewpoint". I don't gain ANY knowledge from accepting that which is untrue, so that completely dimolishes everything you said of the subject of knowledge". Reverting to an old arguement that has already been beat won't help you.

"Congrats, you've achieved self-satisfaction" sounds like an admission of defeat to me.

User avatar #938 to #937 - JSismyname (04/26/2011) [-]
Where have I been wrong? Something that offends a weak-minded individual like yourself is certainly not made incorrect under those criteria. Quote where i'm wrong with supporting evidence (remember to check the definition first).
#920 to #915 - anonymous (04/26/2011) [-]
Unlike the Gilgamesh Epic, which wasn't even a part of the bible you twinheaded fool..it wasn't even related to Christianity, only Noah's Arc was. And as for you reading it in a week, the average bible contains over 1500 pages, and there are several concepts to understand...which you're ignorant of. Don't expect me to respond over this one, wasting the brain power to support my evidential standings is becoming quite daunting, considering you don't know anything about anything. Especially history, the next thing I know, you'll claim that Jesus never existed! hahaaahaahh
User avatar #934 to #920 - JSismyname (04/26/2011) [-]
I never stated that it was in the bible, learn to read. If you weren't such a blind fool then you would realise that the Noah story is obviously is an interpretation of a story from an external religion (which was also made up), like much of the old testament is. Also the bible about 1200 pages, evidencing that you are the one, infact, who knows nothing about it.
User avatar #939 to #934 - mafioso (04/26/2011) [-]
Wow dude, I've followed this argument or whatever this is, but he's right. I'm going to a Bible College, and every bible is different, but the average one contains 1500 pages and takes months to read.
User avatar #940 to #939 - JSismyname (04/26/2011) [-]
Upon researching this, I have found that different versions of the bible can vary between 900-1900 pages, depending on the verison that you have and which books it contains.
User avatar #941 to #940 - mafioso (04/26/2011) [-]
Yessss. The average I believe is around 1500...and some books have been added and omitted, specifically the period between the old and new testament.
User avatar #942 to #941 - JSismyname (04/26/2011) [-]
But besides that... If you believe that I am incorrect in any of the arguements I made, feel free to point them out with an explination and we will discuss. I get the impression that you are a little more cultured than my last unwitting oponent, as well as a bit of a nicer person, to say the least.
User avatar #943 to #942 - mafioso (04/26/2011) [-]
Well, as for a bible believer, I've questioned my faith a lot, but at the moment, I don't have time, I have to run but if you respond I will get back to you.
User avatar #944 to #943 - JSismyname (04/26/2011) [-]
Any time you would like to debate, send me a message and a subject. :) As I mentioned before, debating is a small hobby of mine.
User avatar #914 to #913 - JSismyname (04/26/2011) [-]
Continued, the bible does not take "over a year to read", and the fact you claim that makes me question whether you have ever even seen a bible!! It depends entirely on your reading speed, it took me just over a week. Finally, if you have read all the impossibilities of the bible (which you apparently haven't), then you would realise that it is a powerful tool for displaying the ridiculousness of your ignorant beliefs.

So yeah... everything you said was completely wrong.
User avatar #917 to #914 - JSismyname (04/26/2011) [-]
whoops, I forgot one thing you said. "and more than that to understand what it's saying". What do you think it is saying then? Are you aware that there are over 10 thousand registered churches with different interpretations of the bible? That means I can say with condfidence of at least 10,000/1 that your interpretation is wrong.
#916 to #914 - anonymous (04/26/2011) [-]
You're a funny little kid, you know that?

Ignorance at it's finest.
User avatar #918 to #916 - JSismyname (04/26/2011) [-]
You're done. You're beat :) have a nice day, you just lost.
#923 to #918 - anonymous (04/26/2011) [-]
I'm beat? I was never looking to 'win', and the fact that you were just proves you're trying to make up for a lack in some other area of your life. I'm guessing you're probably on welfare..like Obama...anti-war...fatherless, your mother probably did drugs and you don't have a dad, or maybe your parents are divorced. I bet I'm right, lolol
User avatar #926 to #923 - JSismyname (04/26/2011) [-]
The fact you are attempting to make assuptions out of the subject only supports the fact that you know you are wrong, and have lost. I said I won because debating is a small hobby of mine, and as any debater, you play to win.
#929 to #926 - anonymous (04/26/2011) [-]
The fact that I'm assuming supports the fact that most people from that sad sad background don't believe in God, usually because of other butthurt portions of their life.

in order to debate, you have to be open minded, so you're not a debater, you're probably twelve. You can't even spell argument right. Damn. You keep adding an E, which just all points to the fact that you're just a kid lol :D
User avatar #931 to #929 - JSismyname (04/26/2011) [-]
Even if I was twelve, you would have been beaten by a twelve year old, so I think you should be telling yourself i'm thirty or something so your dwarfed knowledge doesn't seem so insignificant. Pulling the "Spelling and Grammar" card is another sign of a loser that lacks an argument, by the way.
#933 to #931 - anonymous (04/26/2011) [-]
Spelling and Grammar points to how insignificant your words are. You shove complex words together that don't even belong in the same context together. You constantly and unceasingly continue to contradict yourself from various portions of your 'argument' or embarrassment, whatever fits better for you. Lol.
User avatar #935 to #933 - JSismyname (04/26/2011) [-]
One place where I have contradicted myself, if you please? If not, admit defeat.
#964 to #935 - anonymous (04/26/2011) [-]
Sure. How bout the part (and I'm a different anon) where you missed the fact that Christianity isn't really Christianity. It is Islam. Jesus(peace be upon him) is a Muslim.

YUSUFALI: And remember, Jesus, the son of Mary, said: "O Children of Israel! I am the messenger of Allah (sent) to you, confirming the Law (which came) before me, and giving Glad Tidings of a Messenger to come after me, whose name shall be Ahmad." But when he came to them with Clear Signs, they said, "this is evident sorcery!"

Basically this verse records Jesus telling his people about the prophet Muhammad, that the prophet Muhammad would come after him. You will never see any Christian missionary quote this verse, why?

Time to wake up everyone. The Arrivals.
User avatar #965 to #964 - JSismyname (04/26/2011) [-]
And... This was a point where I contradict myself? WUT.

Anyway, even by this logic Islam would be Judaism, but that's not the point. In order to refute this, I will point out the multitudes of prophecies that DIDN'T come true. Have you ever heard the saying "If you keep throwing **** agianst a wall, eventually one will stick". That's exactly what that prophecy is, just the one that KIND OF stuck. It is vague, by which he refers to Muhammad as Ahmad, instead of his most common name. It is also a very predictable choice of name when you realise it translates to mean "one who constantly thanks Allah", so if a prophet did ever arise, he would have taken that name. So, in the end, that verse proves nothing.
User avatar #966 to #965 - JSismyname (04/26/2011) [-]
ran out of characters so check http://skepticsannotatedbible.com/proph/long.html for prophesies that have passed and not come true.
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