First Time I Ever Got High. As you can tell, this is taken from a blog. But I wrote the blog. I am just posting it here to shamelessly self promote it. Check it Smoking weed first Time ixirawr
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First Time I Ever Got High

First Time I Ever Got High. As you can tell, this is taken from a blog. But I wrote the blog. I am just posting it here to shamelessly self promote it. Check it

As you can tell, this is taken from a blog. But I wrote the blog. I am just posting it here to shamelessly self promote it. Check it out, I will be updating frequently.
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The First Time I Smoked Weed
the ts a story about the first Mme t smaked marquees. Please keep
negatron (or wen positive) remarks to . ‘wanna teens en the
story, not the morality/ health effects of drugs. Thanks[
At the pawl tn Um? t am sexteen years am. we always been interested tn smeting
bud (and other drugs), but t diphthong outwith the crowds that did that sort of
thing and literature never had a chance
twas a pretty shattered kid. t spend my Mme playong video games and hanging out
with a few dose friends er my girfriend rather than with big crowds we never
done anything" bad." t geegwee grades, am my mate, and we tn a smalltown ten
Taverns the end of tth grade my girlfriend and t start hanging outwith this kid
named a. Hers pretty nerdy, ecret, and shattered, test We es. For example, at
this tlmb he ts tn the hey seems (in tact, he grows up to graduate hem
them 7 orwhatever rt ts you do 7 and ts corrently a (mop leader awseme summer
camp). This tact ts important because while he ts outwith the scouts, he smoked
seme weed with a trend he had there.
He comes back to school and tens me and my girlfriend, Ante, an aboutit, How ten
How we need to try rt Eta he eta. What you need to get hem the ts that
he talked hammett up to he an , despite having new thee Rance More
err the of the exaggeration tater.
Durag the course w the exerted tam high, we decree that we sneeze
do rt en the tan day w School (about aweek away). we task a with finding es a
connection, sayang we wet sprit the can three ways. we then plan wnated we ed
Mule stoned.
finish our tan day of sweet
we MM smoke tn the weeds.
start a the, and make Timtam mes
e you think about this, rt sounds Like a great LIME.
e wasn' t
amine THE BOO:
ks mentioned Esther, the/ as up to a to Md es a dealer. A my days pass before he
finds one tam told maths found sameone wen es "White Widow Tr Which,
he says, ts seme my NEE weed. Problem rs, es germ; to can es stun. rm not
happy shunt re but, we never smoked before, and went New know t could probably
have mend seme cheaper weed with ease. t agree because t am exerted to smake.
tam have no idea new my hey scout , um: playing, nerd m a mend found
these guys. seme and him mend zersetzer hanging antenna back eta gas
starten met sweet that day,
A red car pulls up to es, with two scary tehking black guys inside They have
bannannas en their heads, sunglasses, and were what t knew recognize as my,
my stoned. Bl" the met asks as he we down his window and nods ates
Tasse the stem Rememberable t sate tn a tawn hued with ?
There we maybe (wt) Mack tn the tawn t grew up tn, and they acted We
they were as white as eberyone we tn town. t had never, em, met anytime who ht
the eta stereotypical black guy until new ‘Resume story'
They ten es to get tn were both pretty nerve's, Dunes awkwardly the
back seat's the ear.
They drive we
They try to starta with es, mews are my nerve's and dent tam
much, Afterward seemed We forever, the man tn the passenger seaplanes a a
piastre bag and a hands the guy the runway. They ask ewe wantto smoke, hem
says we are sayang t Looking back, t was the may have been kind w rude, but,
whatever. e was our test Um? dealing with a drug dealer,
They let " out w the car, and we walk ten steaks to a cemetery. Go to the most
deserted part what cemetery that we can find, before a putts the bag out ems
pocketful es to bank rt my m disappointed we never we seen a mature w
weed before, e ts netstat t was expecting Feeling , we parkways
t go down to my girfriends house to help her search her basementcat her
we equipment.
THE wows:
After sweet, Ante and ‘went to our [ store whee a ran up ta he housetop
getthe bud and the we stuff we tee there the night were we meet up,
and head at mm the weeds.
5 has a backpack an M stuff, t don' t wen know what, mes a grocery bag tn each
We a l? pack ewe. Dew. we heard that the eatten mouth will be
My girfriend has anither bag w snacks. we were an set er the munchies.
new New note thatle are an to breaking the rules. That ts
why me and a steaks and we the most deserted New we some find
before wen taking our bag w weed out, And that ts why we were about to Walk a
mile tree the weeds.
So, we are waitng tn the weeds, tattering the path m seme Little stream, whee
and by that, t mean stepping over) the stream, we manages to mp and
tan, and get her Legs an covered tn med. she starts tn cry heehehe sheis Fustrated
and deem want to Walk through the weeds with heavy bags Mule getitng eaten by
Me and 5 tell her she should have were team heme ether shortyshorts. Much to
out dismay this the myth;
tn an effort to step her hem eh back to her house, t tell her she can take
my] . So we switch pants. she rm/ jeans and t am tn her super
shortyshorts. matter a moment.
The daughter Every/ ans has at my expense qwas es a bit of energy to press
inwards. we eventually get to a lime waterfall, we ewe up seme reeks to Emily
a punt bywater atthe top of the waterfall. es a teeny WEE spot.
we set our stuff down and start gathering weed to make ante. Thaughts started,
and we are an set to start smaking.
5 takes seme incense hem he backpack teem want anyone to smelt rt, a mile Into
the weeds, were he one my gees). Followed awseme mt tee. He proceeds to
make a with the new eta pen. He took ten minates get
new working order.
He showed es new to [ight rt, then took out a pack of ciggerates he had Staten hem
nts dad ta expiate new to whats with. Al three ht es during this
demonstration. we try the "pipe" anyway.
cough a net, and suck down Mt. new to help my threat, but met that, t start to
peacetea. we ands». My girlfriend freezes at may sound, wormed
sameone wrn discover es, butte try net to Let her tern nut we she even Lanna
down any about ten minates too
Amend this we, we decide resmoke seme mute a wants to make . He
mes with a WEE? w paper and a playong care The paper we smells We
and the playong card tastes We the piastre rt was glossed with, my we
smake them anyway.
ks we are doing the the wind picks W, and the smake hem my fire ts blown tn new
has a starts to cough and his has terns brightrai (we think becaise w the
smoke hem the the ' breathing melting piastre, We idiots), He grabs his inhaler
and sticks nts head tn the punt w water we are nexter ALIVE starts hearing out,
seared mt a, and seated of being caught. she keeps tehking eh tn the distance
sayang " think t see sameone outthere em" "Can' tyou see himn"
rm trying to mm her down, meters he one here, when, CRACK)
we hear thunder Unsurprising/ this only adds to Antes teats
5 ins W and says he feels tine, but says we should pack rt tn early, mates
rt starts to ram
Sn we' re hurrying to pack up versteh we decide ta leave the pep and the canned
fruit (fur the inmate pies) hentie an we can move taster
Getting back seems to take Mme as lung as ottooh ta heythere, as restarts to peer
down ram wee would think we would have seen the dark sky and sate "maybe we
should do the .
we get to the edge of the weeds, and creep airway pet, convinced there ts gum;
to he a pence omt: thwarting to puns tn handcuffs and take es eh mart.
Obviously there rm tune, and to walk tn the ram, we stop ata ptzzu
we order a we and in down. A few kidswb know hem are there, and
came em to ask me what ts up with my snorts. t sigh t had forgotten an about
them. t feet We an idiot, but they have a their teed ts ready
my guy comes, and we meet our pen. then order anither
And that, rs the story w my first we getitng high,
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