Thank you FJ. A message to everyone.. Hey funny Junk. I' ll start by saying this isn' t a funny out or at least not intentionally. It' s more like a thank you.  Thank you FJ A message to everyone Hey funny Junk I' ll start by saying this isn' t a out or at least not intentionally It' s more like thank
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Thank you FJ

Hey funny Junk. I' ll start by saying this isn' t a funny
out or at least not intentionally. It' s more like a
thank you.
About a year ago, I was inst doing my usual thing.
checking pictures. nesting some comments when
something mating cannoned. someone realied. not
lust anyone though. someone who would turn out to
he the nest thing that ever cannoned to me.
I Wwll' l give her name. but she lives in g different
country to me. Slae' S everything I ttyd ever have
dreamt Ill. More than intact. I could sit here and list
everything about her but that' s not what I' hereto
Anyway. we got talking and we really started to hit it
off. At this stage, I was only going into things with a
ting amount of effort because I knew then and I know
now that this girl is so much more than I deserve.
over the nast few months though. we started talking a
lot more we would stay awake until aam I aam lust
talking. laughing. having an amazing time. I started to
realise that this girl was so perfect I can' t think about
anything else. Whether I' m at college. work. waving
games. watching , eating dinner, anything. she' s
always on my mind. I' ll often find myself lust knocking
food around my elate, thinking of her. even after
everyone else has finished.
she' s had such an amazing effect on my life. more
her, I was miserable. I hated the world. she' s made
me realise that I shouldn' t M. neon's have started
saying that It' s nicer to see me smiling more now and
being nanny. which she really has. Just thinking
about her Brings a smile to my face.
we' had some um and downs which will always
banned when you like someone but every single time,
we' gotten through it regardless.
It got to the stage where we have arranged for me to
go and see her. This, coming from a guy who has
never been outside of the ilk aged 20, is [Hefty nerve
wracking, but at the same time incredibly exciting. I
can' t wait.
I love this girl bunnyjunk. I know lots of neon's.
including the trolls out there will limn on this chance
to either tell me I can' t love someone I' never met
or that I shouldn' t feel like this, but I do and I can' t
heen It. Even if I could, I wouldn' t. I' m bretty sure there
will be a few neon's who may the old "women lust
break your heart man, don' t do It" card. To them, I say
yes. sometimes they M. Butte mote Tennyson:
have m
I know all this may sound cliched or like a lot of
drama over nothing and it that' s what you want to
believe, thank you. I respect that. Mt honestly. It' s
I guess it' s all about taking a little risk.
Anyway. thank you funnyfunk for allowing this to
on a final note, I really don' t care if this gets thumbed
on or down. Iwon' t be deleting it and if I gain or lose
levels. so be it
once again, thank you funnyfunk And if you' re
reading this, you know who you are know that I will
always love you.
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