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Sorry basically the only ones we could find -_-'
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isnt even good? listen little man, the animation is sweet, the plotline is original, charecter depth is awesome -except the pink one, not much depth- voice acting is epic, relatability to whats going on in various episodes is on spot, if u think that putting ponies in anything instantly makes it bad you need to shut your ignorant little **** mouth and sleep in a garage with a car on in that bitch to bump up the entire ******* worlds I.Q.
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Cool story bro
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^ reads everything on the internet
l must be smart and witty, say something witty
l i said say something witty faggot
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#66 to #65

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Go play with ponies
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i will, and we shall start a pony band, and tour the country-side and
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Good Anchor man refference
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im not one demensional, i like lots of **** , the newest version of mlp happens to be watchable, turn the ponies into male dog versions and insert blood and BAM, new...uhh....

whats that anime with the humans that go all wolf mode on peoples ass's?
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Are you a ******* robot becuase I have no ******* idea what the hell your saying
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alot of people tell me that...

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Pinkie Pie gets more in-depth in the later episodes.. but you're right, she's the most underdeveloped character in the bunch.
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giving her a psychic twitch, does not depth make.

shes spastic, always, for little to no reason, not that its bad in anyway, but theres not much you can do with that, her dynamic actions keep her a static charecter, which is oxymoronic now that i think of it o3o
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What about in "The Cutie Mark Chronicles", when it revealed her childhood, and why she's always throwing parties? That was the episode I was referring to.
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stupid tv didnt dvr it on monday and i totaly missed out, but past that it sounds like her charecter wont develop more than what it is.
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It's up on YouTube right now.
Here's a link:

Sorry that it's in two parts.
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im subscribed to someone else, his videos are in full and with great quality, but he usualy takes about 4-5 days to post
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Are you talking about MenloMarseilles? I like him a lot too, but he hasn't posted the video yet.
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I know! Ive seen way to many of these pics.
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