Dumb Facebook Bitches. (EDIT: I'LL POST THEIR REACTION COMMENTS IF THIS GETS ENOUGH UP THERE) Let's put these bitches back where they belong. In the kitchen. Th facebook whores Lets destroy the
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Dumb Facebook Bitches

Dumb Facebook Bitches. (EDIT: I'LL POST THEIR REACTION COMMENTS IF THIS GETS ENOUGH UP THERE) Let's put these bitches back where they belong. In the kitchen. Th

Let's put these bitches back where they belong.
In the kitchen.
Thank you FJ.
My time is now...

This is ttwtt ttwtt
Cameron Marten me me face expected
February 13 at 12 we KY I person
Salah Greene not
February 13 at) mm we
Gwen Schrader ten what the new
February): at) mum we
Cameron Morten ts me myface
February 13 at we
February 13 as we
February 13 at 5 we
Cameron were mocking the other ballon picture 3
February 13 at we
Satan Greene Mae we face challenge acceded(:
February 13 at 7 mum we
Cameron Marten expected
February): we mum we
rm mad rs wry stupad. An we a bad
attempt to put a face on a bananon wth ms pawl, than you mad to Tux
a meme swung mm t, winch completely fumed t.
19 hours age we
And t' s not canned a 'me me.' canned a meme, and
pronounced "meant"
19 hours age we
And needy, " accepted, not expected wet comment
person. [hope that was a Joke. trollface. tpg
19 hours age we
trey Bri s may me t dont want these
19 hours age we
was yoursef
19 hours age we
trey new who r u lawn to buddys u dont know me and m not
even term to u
19 hours ago we Gayperson
Then untag yourself
19 hours ago we
19 hours age we
Trey brad' s We b the mature one and say no more so have me the
inane km w not cool
19 hours age we Gayperson
19 hours age we
onestly, It' s not that nerd to tuning yourself. Just
Mug to help. Faggot.
19 hours age we
Trey brad' s You are so cool. Here: a for when you reach
higschool keep w damn mouth shut and yew be good. now
you and ftww shun w punk ass up Mn mag mysret
19 hours age we KY 2 people
m Jose Moran mate the way to tank trey
19 hours age we c) eeveon
my bye may
19 hours age we
19 hours age we
you' re not tough.
19 hours ago we
Kayin Kenen omg) Maude your see annoying can you Just put all x
that em tn one comment so you dont nook We your takng to your
sew nets get a wan picture cue rent new you nook We some dumb ass
cartoon. no one asked you to comment on ths slut. your not even
tagged so why are you even m ths cont/ , are you ) you new
no mate who your takng to and your the my person who sewn that
sht about trey, made are you asong to get your ass P. S- tank
to my ester mam and pll beat your ass so bad youll be neokun We a
grape. thankyou bowe day. 7
about an hour age we
s canned beeng e tron. we ts the Internet.
an minuted ago we
Kayne Marten babe on t get t. t dednt know this what they were x
cam t now a days. t we thought you were a punk ass butch who
bee to make a whole different account so you can tank sht, cue you
cant Suck up for your sent. Because any normally person would Just
tank sht and net people know who they are but t guess smut! you cant
defend your sent you gotta be anonymous. trust me mt were you
just drop the subject cue t mum go an day on your ass. mess you
wane grow up and stop badong beated a screen than we can
way. other wtso step the **** off. your annoying.
about an hour age we KY l person
viii? ‘How am I anonymous? My name ' new there.
31 minuted age we
Kayne Morten your tincture dude. dont an stupad. dont get any and
we em. menu.
29 minuted ago we
ste' Flay, I dont many know what you' re sayang anymore
so m we gong to walk away from my phone.
24 minuted ago we
ta _ t know why you dont understand. CUE one, your
dumb, and you We tn a trainman.(:
21 minuted ago we I person
9 I beard that you were getitng some ward cans nest
N mg _ n a on a three matyr town home.
19 minuted ago we
ta you wound know. t wont be suposed w
you dont new a we and t fanny dont We a where you bye.
19 minuted ago I we I KY 1 person
aera o, t was someone I know. Also, you were the
omen at suggested I We tn a trash can, so apparently you do care.
17 minuted age we
tarot no t really dont care. t dent new (me for you A t
have a We, minke you.
15 minuted age we
And that' s exactky why youre sent on Facebook.
14 minuted ago we
Emily Gonzalez shut up _ dammam
13 minuted age we A l person
not must be new here.
12 minuted age we
Kayne Onizen banana be send w we tn a trash can‘. mmg we
we .a) Perren
stee we do you mean he:
ll minuted age we
Kayne lawman that insnt funny. lam! ts den a be. hes got more banns
A then you cue you dont men new a ptc . non this pathetic.
m minuted ago we to l person
AI Emily \'‘ getting this! here!‘ hash
9 minuted ago we £ l person
Kayne lawman alight W! about to go on a walk, Just wave your
stupad comment and tn get back to them when t can. Just we new
sand , twee we unike you." v
new do you know how many bane she bee.
e minuted age we
tarot Akiane your the one correcting motes spelng and taning
s mote how to pronouce words so hop off.
7 minuted age we
Emily stop u new no good come backs w getitng x
go we
Ante a comment'.
ll RM the dumb
hitches on
21 and all Ill [Item
31 will .
41 sum the ****
ll at all at .
It and
I All In um
Thank van,
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User avatar #4 - tylerman (04/17/2011) [+] (1 reply)
I hate it when people use "get a life" as an insult, yet continue an internet argument.
#14 - ittroll **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [+] (1 reply)
#32 - dirtyflint **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [+] (1 reply)
#34 to #32 - muskabulldog (04/18/2011) [-]
Not necessarily...
#26 - DigestedLime **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [+] (1 reply)
User avatar #27 to #26 - muskabulldog (04/17/2011) [-]
I have no idea what you just said.
#9 - xheavymetalx (04/17/2011) [-]
LMFAO well played mah friend...
User avatar #8 - dickfor (04/17/2011) [-]
it kinda looks like you have no friends and that girl could probably kick your ass...
#17 - anonexplains (04/17/2011) [+] (10 replies)
I feel kinda bad for you. This is pathetic, you clearly don't have any friends and need to go to funnyjunk (people you don't even know) for some backup. Kaylie seems to be right about you wanting to be anonymous, you blocked your name out. Again, this is pathetic and you should learn how to solve your own problems instead of trying to get an army of strangers. Maybe if you weren't such a dick to people you'd have someone on your side.
User avatar #19 to #17 - muskabulldog (04/17/2011) [-]
And the only reason I blocked my name is because people like you would spam me.
#10 - fobert (04/17/2011) [+] (2 replies)
friend requests pending and each have about 20 msgs saying get trolled
#3 - Ohaithar (04/17/2011) [+] (5 replies)
Comment Picture
#35 - anonexplains (04/18/2011) [+] (1 reply)
honestly it looks like u got owned...
User avatar #38 to #35 - wyckedphobia (04/18/2011) [-]
no he was successful. he annoyed them
User avatar #16 - ithinkimfunny (04/17/2011) [+] (1 reply)
User avatar #46 - elibetter (01/24/2012) [+] (1 reply)
funny thing is they were all in middle school hajibgjkfldbtghjldshzjgilhefabgrsdjub deKJgvI**kjdwbgvdBWgvdengvndiubgvdeb gudeuyesbghluvbfhewghjgdkhjvgfhduzbvkuhresbvykuskuvfhusufebsygsjhbdshbugvyufsjhb vfusbvuhfdsbhuvfdbsvbfdshvdsvyufdslhlushbrluisbhsblsuilesbvljksiluvhfdsiujvbfuid sbiueshuifhesijhfajhreuishiufaiuBGURYEHAIURWuigriugrheaiugreahiugreahgrewaohi;eg wiokwiohoifewofewPi'ouhodewhiuegWhiugershiuiuhiuhiurgvhiurugdhiuduiijijoudbhudbu hfgdhgfusguhfgdsuyafyieaguyogwuagfilydsgayufgsuygyusiueagiuzuihsihisgiygqifgsydg fsgfudsibdusiudsbisbsvibfisbjkszbfshbuyfaebuhsebusbhgesbhussbhgvgehdsjhwehjdehuh jhudehjfrhudhjhfehjkdsdeghdfyguryffrfgyfrgyuffgyddfgyuefydfhydfhydfhyhyuyhydfgyf fhyhjhfhyhfghghuuykuyzhjdxzmhhbhdshjdsbhjdsbehjbehjdfshjbdfbhdfhdrjdfrjdfsehjdfj uhdfhjdjnkhdsjncdjkncdddddddddddddddddddddddfjksfuhdjjjjjjjjjjjhfhjdshfjkskjfdsn kvdsnkjvdhgkjdsfdkjsbfdskjgdskjbdsfkjndsjfdsjdfshdfsdbdhsjfnsjdjsnsfdjfggfsfguya dfgsuhgfeyuwbgiuesbyugfewuyhgutrwhgrehugyghreiwnvyhrwuihvuyweygh5iowbhturhvifnbh fngfdnsjbhejjdkvhdjrwjvsdknwjfjmkjwbgtvhfsbvhubreugfuysgfjhbdkjsagfiuycijfhdsuai fsbcgaeubvdsjfdosydsazhviudszggjshliusdfsbfsduigksuhfjkshfeksjhfdsjbfdsnj ieklfsdilhesdhfehfewnioeshfisdohaekhgflishlgidshjkghsldkjjkdfhgidruhtkjdngkjfdnj kfdgnjkdfkgjdnkjfdnkjnfds bhjdnihntibifdniubfdninfgiuhnvfhfgnhfhjbkuhsg fbewahfkjdsbhilgdjksbvdiuszbghudfsubnshbvhdbfhbhjfgbghjfdnjkgsnjgnijgnrjibntruib ghuinbhbjhgfdnibfndibngfidn jfdn jvhudhbhuvvuhhyvfbruygbhvfghgiustgriuhteryugerhuilrehuigrehuehewkhtewiuhuhsdkjhg fdskbahgusuhgffdbhufgbhfszhufdhufadhbouafbhbhjaefshubfdfhwafehjfhsjkdfsjhfdsjhfb uefhgbfewbrgbfbgbvbseuivbd vvbdsvsy7eby7byu fehfrbvuyerbvgeryfgrouyeqb vfydagoyeayufgeayurgugvbkdhsfeuwbfouhbufgewugvouaebgreuyqufgheraiuhiuhrzhuhraehA fhehugfyogagaugfiuowagyifdblhghejagrysdfbguihesuhfiusebuivbsufesufisduhfjshfusgr isuhgsljshhfldsgfesgurbecbugbgbrebeybfeuyobewagbreyoeghrsuigresiufriuszbfreahkgr eehegskefeliuhfegfjghrfgyefbvhd egsgfbhjrsabeuywfgfsglafgewuagfeiwgdsjhehuehkjeks;laurhksjeuheihbwkhihh!
User avatar #42 - Imasillybanana (04/19/2011) [+] (1 reply)
THUMBRAR. Lami is an OP
#40 - anonexplains (04/18/2011) [-]
unsuccessful troll is unsuccessful
#37 - anonexplains (04/18/2011) [+] (2 replies)
this honestly sucks
horrible attempt at trolling people
User avatar #29 - bullbrigade (04/17/2011) [+] (1 reply)
Not worth it.
#1 - anonexplains (04/17/2011) [+] (1 reply)
Nobody cares about your personal problems.
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