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#9 - Konigsteiger
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(04/15/2011) [-]
Ah, I remember that 4th from last one. It happened while I was attached to CVW-8 on the Roosevelt. The missile wasn't actually launched, as that is really an impossibility. Disposable ordnance is not typically systematically armed until after the jet has taken off. What happened here was the Sidewinder was not properly secured to the hardpoint, and when the jet snagged the arresting cable, the missile flew off of the hardpoint and skipped across the flightdeck. If I recall correctly it did not have enough momentum to go off the deck, and was saved a swim.
#10 to #9 - Konigsteiger
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(04/15/2011) [-]
Correction, it DID go for a swim. This happened on another occasion but to a lesser extent. Memory is hard to come by these days. Oh well, didn't want to leave that sitting there. Take Care
#21 to #10 - nirukii
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(04/15/2011) [-]
cool story you told us
cool story you told us