The New Guy. Who is this new guy?. Cl Anonymous ) 15. 31 Hey guys, whats goig on In this thread? Cl shim 07/ ) 15: 34 No. 818752 Hum I dottier who the MW guy as pedobear lol fourchan new guy

The New Guy

Who is this new guy?

Cl Anonymous ) 15. 31
Hey guys, whats goig on In this thread?
Cl shim 07/ ) 15: 34 No. 818752
Hum I dottier who the MW guy as
Cl Assmole ) 15: 36 No. 818754
m looks fimiliar, and . Maybe he' d like to babysit my baby sister, sometime
falala.. . almill
A master of disguise
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Submitted: 02/09/2010
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#4 - MrSquiggly **User deleted account** (02/09/2010) [-]
that's not pedobear! that's steve!
i let him baby sit my little cousin once!
#31 - bellolsom **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [+] (2 replies)
User avatar #12 - Bongos (02/09/2010) [-]
The new guy looks legit. Underage tea party!
User avatar #26 - EminemZBonnie (02/10/2010) [+] (5 replies)
I needed someone to baby sit my little brother...anyone know this guys phone number?
User avatar #27 to #26 - Carrotmaster (02/10/2010) [-]
#6 - RoGeReSmItH **User deleted account** (02/09/2010) [-]
my kid loves the new guy he always talks about them touchi~HEY WAIT A MINUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
User avatar #11 - tehnewguy (02/09/2010) [+] (4 replies)
sup guys
User avatar #42 - FunkyTiger (02/10/2010) [-]
i think i should give this guy a job at my school
its grade K-3 all girls and the girls sleep there...he should be the teacher for one of the classrooms!
I'm good at finding trustworthy people...unlike my friend who somehow always gets this creepy bear to work as the janitor
but this guy is too trustwroth,i can tell becasuse he has pictures of little girls in his van,so he obviously has some medical skills...he has a van with tinted windows,which means he likes his privacy,and he has lots of candy in his van so he obviously likes children...and he also told me he has a farm with lots of animals
he can start tomorrow,by the way,you'll be teaching all the grades,and the principal is sick so it'll be you and that new bear janitor...good luck
User avatar #33 - Waro ONLINE (02/10/2010) [+] (2 replies)
How many times does this want to be reposted???
User avatar #24 - SecretPedobear (02/10/2010) [-]
hell yea!
User avatar #3 - Wonder (02/09/2010) [+] (5 replies)
Which /?/ is this?
#22 to #3 - SuccessfulTroll (02/09/2010) [-]
Blue represents a work-safe environment on 4chan or another image board.
#45 - xRyanxRampagex **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #49 - wolfwoop (04/27/2010) [-]
hes our secret weapon ageanst 4chan
#47 - anonymous (02/10/2010) [-]
I have a formal dinner party tomorrow night, what's his number? my 13 year old daughter can be a bit of a handful, but nothing that this fine looking gentleman can't handle.
#34 - anonymous (02/10/2010) [-]
wow, he look so smart, maybe he can tutor my kids
#30 - anonymous (02/10/2010) [-]
Seems like a pretty solid guy to me. I'd leave my 3 year old sister with this guy no problem while i go and get a few beers with the guys.
#25 - anonymous (02/10/2010) [-]
pedobear? wheres pedobear, all i see is a trustworthy gentleman in this pic
User avatar #10 - worldtrator (02/09/2010) [-]
realy old
#9 - Fbizzle **User deleted account** (02/09/2010) [-]
[url deleted]
User avatar #2 - blahies (02/09/2010) [-]
lol.. thats amazing.. xD
#1 - anonymous (02/09/2010) [+] (1 reply)
aah pedeo run he will molest me he follows me all over [url deleted] help omg kill him
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