The Saw Challenge Part 2. Part 1 - /funny_pictures/1930497/The+Saw+Challenge+Part+1/ EDIT - Just realized the PS said Dubs. I meant Deds. Part 3 - /funny_pictur Saw
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The Saw Challenge Part 2

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Hello, Funnyjunk. I would like to play a game. Concealed
within this posts description is the link to the Saw
Challenge Part 1. If you have not done the first one, than
you have 60 seconds to do so before your computer
explodes. You decide. If you have, however, than ignore
this message. Let the games begin.
Saw Challenge Part 1 Results
You choose the toolbox. Concealed within
the toolbox is a small piece of paper. You struggle to find
out what the numbers mean, until you go to the door and
see the lock is a combination lock. The door unlocks, and
you make it to safety with about 30 seconds to spare.
You choose the axe. You try to go through the
chain with all of your might, however, it is not enough.
The chains were too strong to break, and you died from
the toxic gas that filled the room.
You choose the saw. You pick up the saw and
go to cut through the chain. You see it' s beginning to
work, however, like you feared, time is running out. You
cut the chains with seconds to spare, but you are unable
to make it out. You go down giving your middle finger to
a camera in the top right corner of the room.
Next room. (For those survivors).
As you walk into the next room, the TV turns on revealing
the same puppets face from the first room. He says
Hello, Community, nice to see you again. In this room
on a torture device behind me is a man. Not any man.
This man is one of the trolls that thumbed down your
content. Although you don' t like to think so, even you
can' t stand the thought of death. There is a knife on the
table. You have 30 seconds to sacrifice 2 fingers for him
of your choice, or the device he is sitting on will launch a
giant spiked metal thumb up his anus, tearing him apart.
The decision is yours, . Will this Troll live or die?"
Sacrifice 2 Fingers Let the troll die.
Let the games begin.
Please thumb up and subscribe. You can also add me for
the mass message when parta and other future parts
for more.
I love you all
RS. " Dubs go to jslut for the original
challenge game (Zombie Survival) and
Tinyheadhouse for the long answer that was
given in comments.
PCS. " If you lose, feel free to restart, it' s not like you
can' t lie and say you chose a different answer to begin
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