The Saw Challenge Part 1. I was inspired by jsluts zombie survival game. He get's deds for the inspiration and what not. The story line is different, and more d Saw

The Saw Challenge Part 1

The Saw Challenge Part 1. I was inspired by jsluts zombie survival game. He get's deds for the inspiration and what not. The story line is different, and more d

I was inspired by jsluts zombie survival game. He get's deds for the inspiration and what not. The story line is different, and more dangerous because only one option is correct. So please spare a thumb.
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Part 5 -

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You wake up in a room strapped to a chair. You
have no idea where you are, and ails that is on your
mind is what happened the day before. How your
repost got 15 thumbs down.
You are lost in deep thought when...
I want to play a -game.
The Lights turn on revealing a TV in front of you.
The TV turns on and you see a Puppet. The
Puppet says ''Hello, Community, I want to play
a game. The chair you are strapped into will
release 30 seconds after this TV turns off. After
that, you will have one minute to find a way to
open the door at the end of the room. If you fail to
do so, a toxic gas will fill the room, killing you. You
may ask yourself, "Why am I here?" The answer to
that is that you' re about to go down the wrong
path in . Your constant reposts are ruining the
site. If you' re able to make it out alive, I' m hoping
your views on H will be different. Let the games
Across the room, you look at the door, which
has a chain with a padlock in it. After seeing
that, you noticed a random assortment of
tools that could help you survive scattered
across the floor. You can pick one item to
break yourself out. Choose wisely.
A rusty tool box. Doesn' t seem like much, but
there might just be a key or other useful tools
An axe. It' s sort of a gamble, considering you
may not be strong enough to break the chains
with it, but it' s an axe, so it also may help you
A saw. Seems like a good tool to break through the
chain, but you wonder if only 60 seconds is
enough time to cut through the chain.
Only ONE CHOICE is correct. Thumbs for Part
2. Good Luck. -Icanthepowerr.
RS. - Read Description
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#83 - hutchisydaddyo (04/06/2011) [-]
It's ok guys, i found the way out, easiest way too.
#168 to #83 - ICanThePowerr Comment deleted by ICanThePowerr [-]
#153 - anon (04/06/2011) [-]
The saw.
use the saw to cut the tool in half.
You have two halves.
Two Halves make a whole (hole).
Use the hole to escape!

#75 - GlennBeck (04/06/2011) [-]
I choose the toolbox. Even if there is nothing in it, you did say it was rusty and I love the feeling of rust on my salad fingers.
#63 - mynameismattman (04/05/2011) [-]
merely stare at the door untill the chains spontaniously combust in fear, then walk out casually, breathing in the toxic air like a whiff of mom's apple pie...
#208 - stickyninja (04/06/2011) [-]
if its a wooden door, axe
if its a metal door, box
if its a garbodor, saw
#162 - HeartOfTheDL (04/06/2011) [-]
I'll take the chair.
#107 - EroticSquirtle (04/06/2011) [-]
Pick the axe because you have to pick one. Open the door. Who ever said the padlock was locked?
User avatar #109 to #107 - theblackcuriass (04/06/2011) [-]
**theblackcuriass rolls 4,819**
#204 - MrRock (04/06/2011) [-]
Comment Picture
User avatar #179 - Treblecleff (04/06/2011) [-]
It does not say that the door is locked, i would simply get up and walk out the door.
User avatar #180 to #179 - cRookie (04/06/2011) [-]
..then get on the floor...
#184 to #180 - xnarigox (04/06/2011) [-]
everydody walks the dinosaur
User avatar #185 to #184 - cRookie (04/06/2011) [-]
yup, that was the reply i was expecting, but not anymore (rhyme)
#182 to #180 - neveralonetwo **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #132 - SpcRamon (04/06/2011) [-]
Stay in the chair and go to sleep.

To much work to survive anyways.
#123 - unstoppablegiggle (04/06/2011) [-]
=tool box the power of imagination shall be my salvation
User avatar #111 - comeherekids (04/06/2011) [-]
see if you can finish fapping in 60 seconds.
#92 - cleverjokeisclever (04/06/2011) [-]
Obviously the axe
User avatar #214 - KayakGod (04/06/2011) [-]
It has a chain and a lock :) so you can just push the door open enough to let all the toxic gas out and let the nice air in, but without actually having to take the chain off the door :)

#73 - Ninjaxon (04/06/2011) [-]
option 4, put on your gas mask, and take all the time you need
#90 - FlashBoard (04/06/2011) [-]
I take Macgyver.
User avatar #110 to #90 - misterbonzo (04/06/2011) [-]
He'll take the saw and a strand of his hair and make a gun to shoot the lock.
#216 - aldathane (04/06/2011) [-]
Well since all the items are on the floor in front of me I will open the box check inside and if there is nothing useful grab the axe and go crazy on the chains.
User avatar #116 - donkeyking (04/06/2011) [-]
open the door.
#117 to #116 - anon (04/06/2011) [-]
User avatar #118 to #116 - killbob (04/06/2011) [-]
get on the floor
User avatar #120 to #118 - donkeyking (04/06/2011) [-]
User avatar #119 to #118 - kyrill ONLINE (04/06/2011) [-]
stop walking on dead dinosaurs, we don't have necrophilia or furry ****
User avatar #69 - EScrooge (04/06/2011) [-]
trick question, reposts never get -15 thumbs
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