Awesome Comeback. Credit to 4chan Edit: Thanks for the top 10 guys! Also, I'm so happy I uploaded this version instead of the one that ends right after the girl Awesome Comeback Credit to 4chan Edit: Thanks for the top 10 guys! Also I'm so happy I uploaded this version instead of one that ends right after girl
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Awesome Comeback

Awesome Comeback. Credit to 4chan Edit: Thanks for the top 10 guys! Also, I'm so happy I uploaded this version instead of the one that ends right after the girl

Credit to 4chan
Edit: Thanks for the top 10 guys! Also, I'm so happy I uploaded this version instead of the one that ends right after the girl's rant.

Hey Sarah, how are you doing";
Tm greet John What about your
Tm doing okay Say Imus wondering.
seeing as " Saturday _
whether you' d like to go out and see n
Tho, scrim the and
an some out for dinner‘ l
V" "Yep! you new Jason iron. school‘! we some
who out a few dawson was really trinity any to
as ammo!‘ I
ll was realty has when we Hank keylime
one to the want and he was attics on one of the
man. toasty was we or down we in I
went mu to on to him we no son at Misha
you were ?"
wean, I guess '
you ‘ t/ e talked to We about it, It
Wu m, aways hereto listen-
l "I no or one no has a or
Smart, I might as well any this new
I st up at nght, wishing we were together,
banana I can also you so much I want In
lipid peuwnen you' upset and I want tum
restorers because
when m, , " lasts like everything will
hockey Pvt always but hare lot you Sarah,
out you any mum in
me, Instead opug with these
dune! you and lust
may yourlust we been right in ,
and I no wish you on the a mama to may.
you new
Yeah. Thats right. Vol) always were Back then, and to this very day, you
were there tor the Always at your computer, ready to provide a virtual hug and
a virtual smile with your lovely B grads English. You sit, watch and wettest
apparently inflict these countless dickheaded guys on myself, all the while
expecting his to turn around alter the last guy and say “John, its you I would
have fallen in love with all along” Alter which, we get together and I hold your
hand through all oi the movie theaters and sunny peaches and sleepovers that
you never got to experience like the rest or us at fourteen years at age,
because you suit dant have the gumption to do now what you didn' t have the
gumption to do then You' re dull, John You' boring, and you' re boring
because while these shitheads were getting outside and into the sun, making
mistakes and experiencing the wonders , you were In your room,
learning about every teem at your favourite RPG, pretending to understand
arguments about religion and politics to appear smart and creating dreadful.
dreamt poetry, trying to convince yourseld that knowledge is
better than wisdom It isn' t, John, and the only reason I would go outwith
anybody who spent so much time learning about ancient that don' t
matter anymore is it they were confident and cheerful, or it they were great in
Bed, things that I suspect you know nothing about These guys know that we
girls need excitement, variation, Cuddles, arguments and not to lust trundle
along tor the rest of our lives with seine submissive coward telling us that
we' re great, because having to listen to the same sappy sweet talk over and
over again is boring. I like It when I right with my boyfriends It shows that they
aren' t to voice their true opinions about me, unlike a guy a who tells me
in interesting and cute when he really thinks rm neurotic and not intelligent
enough to pick up on ' true Intention of having sex _ the when he wants
and then trying to have deep, meaningful conversations with me to maintain
the nautious image he has or his sensitive. caring side Girls want to be won
arseholes pandas they are savage and uncivilized, and In many cases this
means that they are impulsive, " oi energy and strong, as opposed to pale
skinned, calculating, 'initial" men who, when push comes to shove,
wouldn' t know excitement if t hit them in the lace I' d go so tar as to say that
your relection - or lack - at your male Instincts will stem population grahm, as
more and more shy guys to become intelligent by studying a wide range of
information that is largely supplied and accepted by previous social
instead unfollowing their primal Instincts or becoming grown men,
impregnating woman and thus contributing to the continuation of the human
race rm sorry in consider the more oi our species to be more important than
your pathetic lust for a pure, innocent virgin, but quite frankly, the only thing
that your says to me is that you are trying to appear lint ' shy and
when In reality, your reluctance to take some control over your
we and your tendency to whine and lean depression when things cont go
your way makes his think oi you as nothing more than a
relish, cowardly prick '
Yes, I always was more tor you. Locks like a bad
my part given the , bitchy response you lust relied cut
Lats pick apart a law things, shall we? I spend lots chime in the sun,
largely while Itn having real adventures and experiences. man! have n
tll every day with trivial l@ is ‘‘ like hanging around in parks
asking girls cut because my normal its is satisfying.
making stupid decisions tor the sake cultism tor " youth." mars
simply called being stupid. to and understand
arguments about religion and politics, I am genuinely missed and trying
to truly understand the world in which I live - because ill/ all realised
anything about the limits cutie human vace‘ know that
the survive, mimosa that best some
environment And electives Ithout knew mary% Ing, but at least rm trying,
unlike ycu. Wyatt evenif you would see the
obvious in - butt knew you only
dismiss these things because you dent understand them . And
please, dent mistake my delicacy with you as being a "sappy coward," I
was justifying to give ycu the always complained about
from anyone aise. Arid hell, new dc ycu know it Itn any
you in bed ct hm. yours lust being presumptuous. Though given that
you' ll shop to all these personal Insults you can butwho have plenty cl
the desire so much. Ahd tagging ch my pastry, whet kind
elitism are Wu? In to years when yours @ kid to
some jellylike beer swelling wish maths was inspired by
you enough to create something more than an bone!
as he rubs while ycu we pretend Cutis sleeping.
But hey, than apparently what you WHIP savage and . new
exactly is that people build the civilization ycu apparently
cars ', by the way? And Email, higher hash!
all who from ‘social _/ line ycu like ycu like to say
to scur insecurity's average
nu like to imagine ability n have a
and/ ct mittens sex is somehow as valuable a Pat tthough deep down ycu
tear scur lemma body is the only trump card ycu have - and its value
was by the year. As , smarter and richer because Idiom
use all ' money vying to please people like ycu, oculi idck
at my , cultured lite and wonder justwhat it is ycu diont see back
than And Ill idck back all/ ml, with scur laden lambs and stretchmarks,
cheap clothes and be much makeup in avail!
only this ycu were ever really wanted, and schoor thatwas wrong
with his to pulse much value ch someone so common and attainable.
Ive c appear swat , Wu's mistaking
someone ycu tor as being as and vacuous as
I actually em shy and , as ycu can now see.
on and my English is A grade, bitch.
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