6 enemies to avoid at the mall. Got it from Cracked.com, awesome site.. FDR cm EPIC}, THIS POFILE IS F? VERIFIABLE CULTURE KNOW YOUR ENEMIE eyes, threat y This  6 enemies to avoid at the mall Got it from Cracked com awesome site FDR cm EPIC} THIS POFILE IS F? VERIFIABLE CULTURE KNOW YOUR ENEMIE eyes threat y This
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6 enemies to avoid at the mall

threat y
This species predominantly resides directly
beside you, asking ifyou need heme dozen
times, reminding you that ii you no need
help, she will be five feet away lowing
and molding this ,watch
would happen to look you,
by the way. She is wearing her "mi
getting a TON of commission
roday" shitain a passing glance
isall she needs to go straight
Normandy Beach (circa 1944) on
your personal space.
appeared look broke
be polite and back away
agree to try anything on
mutant _
M’ ‘ll r intense eyes,
Even ifyou somehow threatened. bribed for
or blew your way into the possession of a x» l,
prototypical mane ggs, this guy will tell ‘X 63 A _
you that the Boost Mobile Nokia brick is a , A _
better purchase He will attempt to entice .
V V Lizard obligatory
you with a wide selection I
antennae and Carolina-
phone covers.
pretend to talk on your
phone when approaching
prominently display mace
struggle as hard as you can
fraughted. Arm forms Blues
tooth. It ls the source of his
dousche Genny power
say hello back
break stride, slow down, or
appear cornfused/ lost
They have no idea where they are they' re
here A shuttle bus picked them sploom the
nursing home and here.
Although not , these
individuals are dangerous in the sense
that has effectively
shut down some time during the Regan
Administration. They move ass
homogenous mass, like the
from that movie The Blob. They brake
for nothing
time your venture accurately. You
only have a 14 hour window
avoid mornings like the plague
become old (potentially one
ta not ht
A more advanced version of Asian
the cellphone kiosk guy,
he will stop at homing to "
ensure a piece or his glazed
finds its way
securely into‘/ our mouth. He
does not care woo walk by with
two extra large pizzas, you are
trying a piece
chicken product.
smell. it smells nothing
like it tastes. Think vanilla extract
give in. Thelma will
poison you
Children which have gnawed through their
lied into the wild once free.
this species will establish a pack mentality and
form feral hives inside circular clothing racks,
While one is only a moderate
threat. they tend to quickly collect into a
highly organized mob, moving with the speed
and ruthless efficiency ova pack wolves.
coma small bottle of
animal urinals disperse
large Feral crowds
attempt to capture
give water after midnight
sock full of quarters
eyes hold
a chilling
Having long forsaken her soul, she drags contempt
through the workday on rails
wasted potential. These people View the
mall as a sort or purgatory in which they are
entrained under infinitely gray skies This
subject can usually beyound behind the loading
duck, smoking mil flavor cigarettes and quietly
remember that she was nice to
you at the checkout counter
because she has no choice
avoid eye contact
suddenly startle, as it
by shining a
or reloading in vicinity
ask her ,
store hours, or a cigarette
expect hem: remember
expect her to remember
cardigan "
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