real life Xmen part 3. TO THE FRONT PAGE!!!. val, this is the iceman. he i can handle temperatures way beyond any other human can, he has broken many world reco Real Life xmen Part
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real life Xmen part 3

val, this is the iceman. he
i can handle
temperatures way
beyond any other
human can, he has
broken many world
records, and he even
climbed a mountain
oveer 5 km high...
with bare feet.
This is arthur
langdon. He has
microscopic vision,
he was able to tell
the difference
between different
vinyls by looking at
their bumps and
grooves, he was also
capable of telling
people apart from
over a mile away.
Daniel Douglas was able to
u levitate and talk to the dead.
F Now.... many of you may be
wk going "cough" BULLSHIT.
t but he was witnessed by over
l 300 people and there have
Sp g been many writings about it,
L''' f therefore we can
and tell you
that this did happen. crazy
This girl here is Inga . she was higly
magnetic. some members from the moscow
technological institute analysed her and came up
with no explanation for her powers. Some times
even non metallic objects would stick to her. I' m
guessing she didn' t have sex for a while... (think
about it.... There you go)
This here is Vladimir Duroc. he was an animal
trainer. but he had a talent, he could speak to
animals, with his mind... yes you heard right. A
test was done on him and a random dog, They
wrote down commands on a piece of paper and
handed it to Vlad. he looked into the dogs eyes and
performed the tasks, one by one, in a row. They
then did it blindfolded, to make sure he wasn' t
giving commands with his eyes. The same result
This is Nina . She could move objects
at will, without her touching them, she was
very popular in the soviet union for this. She
would put objects on a bench with a glass box
around it. she then would move objects within
the box usin hand movements. many studies
were done on her and her abilities to make
sure she wasn' t a fraud.
He coma have stopped Hitler
This is J woverine. A Vigilante? Maybe, there is
only one thing we know about this man, he is
UNSTOPPABLE. deds to someone who posted
in my upload. but i couldn' t find his name
again when i tried to find it. sorry
Fuck you in Maxim another one anyway
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