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#19 - Realexis **User deleted account** (02/06/2010) [-]
*Wild Paris Hilton appears*
Thats hot
User avatar #21 to #19 - TheDeadPool (02/06/2010) [-]
*gets fire extinguisher*
#22 to #21 - Realexis **User deleted account** (02/06/2010) [-]
*Comes out of dungeon*
Thank you for saving me DeadPool. How can I repay..........why are you taking out your gun!? Why are you pointing it at me!? Why are you starting to shoot!? Why are you missing!? Why are you still shooting!? Why are you.... **** it.
*Runs away*
User avatar #23 to #22 - TheDeadPool (02/06/2010) [-]
HEY.... I'm DeadPool, not the LA police department...
#24 to #23 - Realexis **User deleted account** (02/06/2010) [-]
*Keeps running*
If your not part of LAPD why'd you beat that black guy!? I'm getting an italian mom on you. HA-HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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