If History Had a Facebook pt.4. part 3: /funny_pictures/1864017/If+History+Had+a+Facebook+pt+3/ part 2: /funny_pictures/1859283/If+History+Had+a+Facebook+Part+2 Hudstud if history had a facebook part four Pokemon
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If History Had a Facebook pt.4

IF History Had a Facebook pt 4
parts in description)
Professor Oak e Ash Ketchum: Are you a boy or a gem Also, mars
your name?
Ash Mayan swans‘ Parrt new We we awn wen
mayhew people n t and you somene know
e mummies we We
Procesor we wanna
A Wu have
Ash Ketchum CT a my
Trites we We
lid Protestor an avenue! l knew that Just checkmy m ' Wm
s Otouto, we We
1 Ash Ketchum TS ASH MY NAME 75 ‘
2 we We
Processor on seem Teet yum new
2 Otouto, we We
minutesago We
Misty gammy personall J
mun/ its we _ We
rd 3 name
Kakuna name
5 mummies we We
Manned mange
routes we We
emery nuance
2 we We
Manned _ Yeah rght, Alergy, we t nu ND Me' s ewe t
2 menus: we We
mace new MY New / Tum mew
We Share
wages: Harm Yeah rght, icetre _' ",)
madame we e expect nun ?) we sinus
we u avtar:
new sum up an use we new were
cl mums: we We
Dholna nee, or else yum: use ‘Squash' :' r: sann
merles we We
HANGAR um yam same: FINALLY we T
15 merles we We
Dukemon) sues:
trustee, Magikarp Hm ween am saver uneeded: lrv:
Gyardos W NAME IS (A/ ERODUS Now we we A ensue we
GROWN we LOT was New swam, mm» any an/ nu
ll mums: we We
hound: we was Manama men sew 3937777 e rant
10 merles we We
e mummies we We
Gnarley All (ms hm: - t was -men Last Fur Every Smart
3 Hummus we We
shamam amen
7 Hummus we We
Hummus we We
s mums: we We
Jessie Prepare
IO rm/ miss we _ We
James Make name
Toutes we We
Jaime we worm mm
s mums: we We
James we mm: an 'ferrules MINA new Hanan
s we We
Jesus we denounce the we we kw:
merles we We
James we menu our reach shove
7 merles we We
7 mums: we We
Inmates we We
Jesus Team 'docket, may men:
5 merles we We
James Surrender new or WM:
Inmates we We
Meowth we guys 90113 stun naming verite Wu my en
me w my we have meme
about a mum: we We
Meowth Ann can we we steal my e
smug warms:
mm a MAME we We
13 33333333333
Ash took Charmander and Somme
Guess there' ll be a we nehme around to wok me pretty seen
YEW: um yum: have mesmer tmanny
Danna“ en (waver, nght? mam
7 rankles we We
A Bubasaur WHAT In: new new
if Processor on enema
doucebags We
a Bubasaur my -
2 moulds we We
X on we KNOW Amman:
25’ For MOAR!!
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but for now...
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that must be what happened to japan
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no it ******* isn't
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eleven splashes later- "Magikarp used waterfall!"
#27 - thekrag
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Ash, I...
#74 - MaxFabian
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< "OH (pokemon) SNAP!"
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Moar of these, everything is better when its pokemon!!!1!!ELEVEN!!!
Moar of these, everything is better when its pokemon!!!1!!ELEVEN!!!
#28 to #25 - camthepedobear
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best recognize my damn near complete pokedex bitches
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I don't be appreciating them reposts, sir
#37 - tdogmeds
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This was beautiful!
Make more!
#55 to #37 - noobofdoom
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you do know he didnt make these right?
#16 - bobscanfly
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bulbasaur, I