Thank you, FJ. Thanks guys. You all make life worth living. You are my family..... yes even you, anons. I love you all. EDIT: Holy horse balls, front page. I re thanks FJ
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Thank you, FJ

Thank you, FJ. Thanks guys. You all make life worth living. You are my family..... yes even you, anons. I love you all. EDIT: Holy horse balls, front page. I re

Thanks guys. You all make life worth living. You are my family..... yes even you, anons. I love you all.
EDIT: Holy horse balls, front page. I really didn't do this for the thumbs... but thanks anyway. And all the people telling me there's others worse off, I know this. I never said otherwise. I just wanted to thank the people who helped me become un-suicidal. Depression doesn't just get "cured," but I've held off the worst of it, thanks to them. If you just want to bitch at my appreciation then GTFO.

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I thought about it, guys.
But was one of the things
That kept me here.
And you guys did it all.
I know this is supposed to
e Junk,
You dont want to see this,
How much I love you guys.
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Submitted: 03/17/2011
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#313 - anon (03/17/2011) [-]
User avatar #453 - jessmntwo (03/17/2011) [-]
FJ saved your life?
Christ, is your life that boring that a site like FJ made you decide to live?
Be happy you have a computer
Or electricity, a house, food, A COUNTRY
Y'know where i'm getting at right? You are not doing nearly as bad as those in Japan right now and you should man the **** up and deal with whatever your "life" is giving you.
#459 to #453 - anon (03/17/2011) [-]
nobody said that kind of crap when it happened down here in chile...

I mean we don't make anime, but were still people right?
User avatar #468 to #459 - jessmntwo (03/17/2011) [-]
The difference is that Chile didn't get hit by an 8.9 EARTHQUAKE AND TSUNAMI and now, lets not forget, ENOUGH RADIATION TO TURN SOMEONE INTO THE HULK.
We payed attention, but i'm pretty sure this is a lot worse
#476 - solemnaddiction (03/17/2011) [-]
FJ cured depression before psychiatrists did!
#215 - Wardragoon (03/17/2011) [-]
method X to get to front page
1:make some suicidal ******** up
2:post it
4:Front page
#219 to #215 - nuvekfox (03/17/2011) [-]
that one seriously made me laugh. well played!!!
that one seriously made me laugh. well played!!!
User avatar #655 - nipple (03/17/2011) [-]
**nipple rolls 5**

There is only one way to tell if this is a thumb whore troll, or an honest thank you.

If the # is under 5, he is honest.
If the # is over 5, he is a troll.
If the number is 5, results are inconclusive.
User avatar #677 to #655 - derpz (03/17/2011) [-]
**derpz rolls 0**
if over 5 hes a troll
if under 5 hes honest
if 5 he is a thumbwhore
User avatar #681 to #677 - nipple (03/17/2011) [-]
You are using my copy righted lie detector system. I am suing you. All your interwebz are now belong to me.
#771 to #681 - anon (03/18/2011) [-]
99,999 and ur a fag
99,999 and ur a fag
User avatar #688 to #681 - derpz (03/17/2011) [-]
how can you sue me? you dont know where i live?
User avatar #692 to #690 - derpz (03/17/2011) [-]
yes. yes it is some ****
User avatar #679 to #677 - derpz (03/17/2011) [-]
if 0 hes a fag
User avatar #662 to #655 - jamiecotton (03/17/2011) [-]
Mother of god....
User avatar #658 to #655 - nipple (03/17/2011) [-]
... Well I'll be damned!
User avatar #674 to #658 - JaketheFake (03/17/2011) [-]
**JaketheFake rolls 1** <-----should have got this number
#661 to #658 - FrostMac (03/17/2011) [-]
#83 - snickerfire **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#122 to #83 - phantomballbag (03/17/2011) [-]
Pics or it didn't happen.
#76 - anon (03/17/2011) [-]
lol so last week BOTH my parents died in a carcrash because ofa drunk driver on the run from police. I now have to drop out of my 2nd year in uni to deal with this **** as i cant handle it all at the moment... i never once have thought about suicide. its for pussies who cant deal with life. yes i get depressed and wish i could turn back time but... suicide? lol grow a pair.
#634 to #76 - billythebriefcase (03/17/2011) [-]
you sir are a legend, hang in there man, people like you give me hope
User avatar #759 to #76 - piclemaniscool (03/18/2011) [-]

SOMEONE else gets it.

in this modern day of pill popping and easily bought razor blades,

killing yourself is easy; Living is hard.
User avatar #222 to #76 - JustJJ (03/17/2011) [-]
Dude the same thing happened to my friend, but he shot up the school.
#602 to #76 - disregardthat (03/17/2011) [-]
Lol your parents are burning in hell faggot.
User avatar #699 to #602 - Danielf (03/18/2011) [-]
How about you shut your whore mouth ou disrespectful cunt
#777 to #699 - disregardthat (03/18/2011) [-]
Lol **** forgot to sign out.
#128 to #76 - anon (03/17/2011) [-]
That's the spirit. ther examples are, people are starving to death and dying from aids, Obama and Israel keeps murdering innocent familys in the middle east. HAARP cause the tsunami and earth quakes.

So kudos to you brother. May they R.I.P.

#544 to #128 - muleman **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#352 to #76 - aabye (03/17/2011) [-]
You go girl!
You go girl!
#233 to #76 - xXawesomefaceXx **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#129 to #76 - anon (03/17/2011) [-]
May they R.I.P brother.
User avatar #127 to #76 - Tyranitar (03/17/2011) [-]
I wish you luck. In your life, and in trying not to snap the neck of the drunk ************ that did this to you.
#464 - Crossraod (03/17/2011) [-]
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#426 - Chromaggia (03/17/2011) [-]
pic related
User avatar #392 - ReadTheTags (03/17/2011) [-]
If this website brought you back from the ditch, it really wasn;t that big a ******* ditch and to bo honest i seen one of these ages ago, this is ******** .
User avatar #261 - norrie ONLINE (03/17/2011) [-]
DAWWWW, you beter died because we don't want this **** on the frontpage
#494 - nooblordx (03/17/2011) [-]
I was depressed... At a bad place in my life... Contemplated suicide numerous times.

Then I stumbled upon Booze and Pot.

#452 - theparadox (03/17/2011) [-]
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#223 - DestroyaFaceTwo (03/17/2011) [-]
How in the **** does a website stop one from killing themselves? Explain to me this.
User avatar #269 to #223 - Wardragoon (03/17/2011) [-]
well if it was a porn website I would have to say too busy fapping, since this really isnt, idk
User avatar #510 - theomegaman (03/17/2011) [-]
I feel you man. There was a point in my life was like that. Nothing was going my way. I had a ******** job, my family weren't helping at all. And the worst of it was I found my wife cheating on me with one of my colleagues I hated most. I just found them there, I opened the door, got on the floor and everybody walked the dinosaur.
#522 to #510 - shortbusterrorist **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #524 to #510 - theomegaman (03/17/2011) [-]
****** * I'm on my really slow laptop.
#434 - youdamancobrahh **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#228 - ajbizzle (03/17/2011) [-]
Do it.
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