pee and morning boners. pee and morning boners<br /> /funny_pictures/1827322/church+fart+2+0/. Sometimes I am awaken solely by my morning boner To hide it pee and morning
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pee and morning boners

Sometimes I am awaken
solely by my morning
To hide it while passing
through inhabited areas of
my home, I anchor it with
my pants' elastic.
To piss with my morning
boner I have to bend over
the toilet and aim
downwards. The stream of
urine is different each day,
with some patterns
sometimes when I pee, the
toilet seat falls and I get
piss everywhere.
ever since I can remember
We always pulled my
tshirt up and scratched my
ribs when I take a piss in
the morning. It feels great.
I also pee in the shower, in
the sink, out the window
tth floor), in a nearby
bottle or flower pot.
peeing after smoking a
doobie takes longer than
usual. I yawn and look at
my watch.
i must piss a number N of
times, where N is equal to
the total number B of
beers I drink.
I rarely flush in public
bathrooms because I' m
afraid not to get germs.
i sometimes pretend to
wash my hands.
no matter how you shake
and dance, the last few
drops fall on your pants
can you relate to this?
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