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User avatar #107 - AvatarAang (03/15/2011) [-]
I'm 112 Years Old I got around a damn flying bison.

You kids today and your loud music and your hula hoops and your hopscotch and your dungarees and your lollipops and your Sony Playstations and your voice-activated light switches and your leather pants and your artificial insemination... ...your Blu-Ray Discs and your pierced scrotums and your bull frogs and your telekinesis and your Marvel Comics and your [url deleted] and your nuclear physics and your ingrowing toenails and your Gears of War and your Quentin Tarantino and your power steering and your elevators and your illegitimate offspring
User avatar #126 to #107 - Willhelm (03/15/2011) [-]
So delightfully SILLY. (Now read everything in Bill Cosby's voice)
#121 to #107 - chawlsBITCH (03/15/2011) [-]
"you and your bull frogs.."

******* lol'd
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