5 soldiers who make Rambo look a pussy. <br /> where i found this ^^^<br /> NUMBER 2 IS UP /funny_pictures/1805021/Soldiers+who+make+rambo+look+a+pu Dat tag
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5 soldiers who make Rambo look a pussy

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5 Soldiers Who Make Rambo Look
Like a Pussy
5 - sine wane
Who Was we
sine were hm e reidy hemp we in Finland. we served his ene
YES! in me . ene men weenie e when we when
me sevii Ulnar! invaded his in . he an em he
named re View his chewy.
since me harem in ingoring look piece in me Invest. he hguaee me
we may re slur! me indesign as re Blah his may hire. e Connie in
cans hi food ene hide in e nee err my shearing Russians. in six (eel
of shew. we 2040 engieer below me.
or chaise when me Russians mama me dolans hi men new here
whim! em ene me it as err ene dude an e ratte, may got
scaled. we became anew es -me whine Damn’ because of his whine
him. ene may actually new where hissings we re
w me ene gay.
may snarled ivy sending he e task [DICE to livid Hams ene we him
her. we wee them err.
men may rhea pairing together e win of (which eie
basics“! snipers that an snipers) and sent mere in In burninate
Hams. we wee err of them, Ina.
hvee me chaise er we days. Hams 542 Decals an his
ratte. we look he alumna! no hi sh wen his sue. sending his
credited My to 705.
since everypne may hm as betther nee dead hi loo scaled re an
anywhere Heal him. me Russians we everywhere
they thought he him he. ’ y. they hm me local!!!" "EM.
ene he emery got ml by e Cloud hr sharpner me lave his Cum uni
hen hurt him. because he' s me wareing whine men.
dawn ll.
merry en March hm. . wee bastard shen were in me
need an en herion. when whee other ilene him
ene Brought back re base. he -hm heir his head hissing.‘ me
whine men hm tality been .
tor when e week. in spire hr having whee em wan e - case
hi . he as SIN veir mien mire. ene
we m Consciousness en Match (3. me very my me HEY ended.
tpq - Shah Vader:
Shah Vader as e "ENDS! er en Indian Elena r
Guru!!! e chicories an Pakistan in . than nissian as
to Clint) "Cager win’ (emery e higness ). ene . e
me wee enemy Henrie's e me rep. . lids main
crunching up e sheet in sahd e. since they
am re err Ch!!!) eh ene e e ene an "rtress, may
decided mare send ene guy . ene hebe ween me rapes re me
een es he Item. sh everyine else chere crime me sissy way.
weir may up me icy ' -abom, enemies ashamed en en
opened hie. shearing them an en has men spraying
hie err hvee me een. weir his seem as wee.
intreging me . ene me rest aie seinem ene
disorganised. . in spine in hemp she wee lines, hep:
when he leechy me rep. ene in me target Henrie's opened hie en
him an reaching gens. Vader: fan Wham me heir in hen's.
imbued e warrants in me t. ene wee everyine inside. ray lids
me sucene henrick hm e clear shen ene ripened hie. sh he
ien e mam. wing bullets whee he eie. ene killed me tour
new inside an his have hen's.
Meanwhille. me ren' E eei in his seem as benning e me rep in
me emf eeping an him saying. "dude. hey shin may men err am
and look me mild henrick an we humble.
For his permited ene sheer buissiness. he as eminiem me Param
vii chew. India' s Diaries! III new eigene. uh he me Medal in
Hanan me Param vii Chaos is Dilly given tor "rarest er me IBIS
valiantly which is Denna me een in may ene which in newer
re eh.- That' s ism. yum actually have re
bleak me laws of we to he .
n hes orgy been lines. ene we mices in me peopie who
eeing n in me pieless. in as in em leechy me Vader: hm
es air. her in wins he me they we him he wanna
heeres. oi may we he veal hemp chere e
rah. cherrilee arm ene herre Puzzles in ene
Jack Church
w allied in win. ene en avid fan hi , Gawain
Jack Malcolm Thorpe Churchill aim " Jack Churchill’
we "Mart were as basically me Matias! in me where
when her.
we tor duly. "DI emery renewing we in
emailed. hen renewing me in seinem penguines. ene therefore fun.
we is we anew thr saying me -any Wear we gees "III! mien
anew his sword is - ene. an thits,
fur ceilling e swine in!!! heme. in we we he ene in muse sissy
minus me Marines have. we. Jack eeing e fucking
we he used h. rm. we is creamed an heppening e total in
42 saiyans ene e seem in me n' Iddle in me night. lush!!! my
his staid.
Churchill ene his team aie tasked wan heppening e semen
creatively called -whim : Churchill we me lead.
charging ahead in me Dial“! we me em mikeyh me barbed the we
nines. anyhing es he wee. wheele his ene eie mm we
re catch . err he SIX in them aie we re SW] mines Irina men. or
muse six. heir aie wounded we err any or them hm rear have
when a nutter shen swung in and killed/ -airmen:
everyine who wash’! Jack Churchill.
when me seinens ilene him. he as praying -mi Ye No Cane
Back RUBIN?’ en his bagpipes. uh. we didn' t me: we
Denied Imam HEM nee re his pig wareing seem.
we Delhi sent re e who. he gen baled we Ian. we
walled her. They ceegan in an n. ene sent him to e new . sh
he rear swam. we airing no hires an wry e my een in airbus
he rem. he as Weird by me we sent back to
Britain. Inhale he to he sent back hire me here. wry re
tma he (wen great me is! hm ended wire he as
en his may there. As he Rahal we to his friends. " awn thr
muse men Vaults. a chere have we me whim! alumna! to
2 - Alvin Vulg
shin to e any of [antlers hem . Alvin Vulg
spam mien er his youth pairing piss kienai in new we gaining ink!
hazy . when his friend gen wee in ene in me
he seem eh me , we wane e
when he his Grail utilise in ma. Vark him es e
cause animus - her as denied. they his 355 he
re hexic refining.
when a yeai iuei. he as we of tr new designated to Sneak
eigene we we hen e rhenium geetting
e semen . As may wee . the Runnels spoiled
them we opened hie. reeding nine er me hen to pieces.
me raw me have heirs hi we ien
may. marina Vulg een III there wing hie hem " -
nacrene genie's. As he we in his eieio.
i eien' n have we re teege behind e nee hi dive ink) me hiest. I
didn' t even have nine re weer hi ire em. I hm he nine he new re
eh norhing he ween therethere semen machine Anne's we give
them me we I hm. Every we I seed e semen I m leechy h in
err. At hie I as shearing hem e pohne ; me is NINE em:
we we a mien sheer an me target's in me shearing marches in me
er ; ene in as we when me sane distance.
we me target's here aie higger. I we chewer hiss e semen's
hem hi may e me effence. we I didn' t.’
we he me hie new hi sh. e semen gen tne
guys together re try re we INS gay hem me side. Kufk pulled her
his can .45 (which will? hm eight urinals) ene killed err in them
wan II. a practice he mashed In '[ were hack
At his Palm Pain Jinnah veneer yelled een hvee me
Ilse If Work as English. see. in WWI. he ene really we
me very . ene everypne meagan hi them es me
rookies Volkner Ink crew/ Shawna/ semis! nasl be
sane we hi English -mu as Showing mesa sissy
new in as eene. when chiri a he as .
Vanna! itarim ‘Gum we ii yum won' t sheer any nave I will nuke
them give up."
Tert nineties iuei. CM hen ewe -mutiny wields me detains in
banal n. . veird' s an hie manure
in as e semen MIDI“ he sew Work, who ene
said - chiri reports an poisenous. sir.’ when me shunned
eihter asked new Ham. Work ‘Honest. . I dmi' l
an - we Murphy
when were Murphy we m re me Marines in e me halide!
we of IS. he as 5' 5" ene Elana no poems. may geegwee in
his face. sh he apprise re me w nice. ene may also geegwee in
his face. men he appris for me Army. ene may may chere
aways ese slumber grunt to ohshit Delmore. sh they ran him in. we
wash’! gum an ll. ene they actually him to get him
to he e cock ene! he hen halfday mikeyh
we insidee that he awe re light . sh they sent him
min me .
Dunn]! me indesign in my he as re chirpier he his
shearing Skills. ene e me sane nine n' Emalia.
which he hm thr wee me Emile an Try re me.
we as sent hire France in
we e semen
machine gen new we may
aie . men shen his we
Murphy milked her.
and everyine in the gen nee. men
used men weaponry re w every beanie
in e we nine
machine gen new ene e hench of
They gave him e ['
Sew e Crass. ene new him Blaine"
whee everypne
my wiring him "Shorty
when heir e year iuei. his as g en me we in orienting
me serene . e reqium in France. even err may
hm as " guys (her hi me an ene e Camila of
Mato Yank .
me seinens an e chiniese in guys ene heir e date"
reins. since raven’! chaing he e whee. Murphy ene
his new hie in e hench ene sent me to In eh me heavy
hiring. may gen rapport to shims.
men. thits he an Daloris Ian to ene in
me wins. hopped in behind me .50 eei nacrene gen.
ene slanted wing in sight. that me were as
en hie. hm e ml we or gas ene as he any e .
we Ismith Univ!!! fur sinus! en hhai rum! he as he in hen's. men
walled back to his new es me win exploded in me
Mad Max ene. They gave him iarefurry every nadal may
chere (33 in err. he hm euchres of e raw. pres was hem
France and ene hem Belgium). incomeing the Medal at miner.
we me an he ewe down an , ene as prescribed
me preciser. when he becaue m nee re me eier.
rather men Billet e piggier We whee we in sissy. he am
Indra hinge in e nine! {Dam thr e week ene got hvee
it. we -time en rammed re weir ene Back. ene Kale!
bees": en stint.
when whee Half named to nuke e have based en
sepphy' s , he as re have Murphy pray
ween in me him. Murphy as were perms where see me
Insane tiresomeness me my hm to hhai. ene mink he
as hi vying to cech en his she. sh he emery
hm them we pens een fur fear me may amened he believable to
e Hollywood evedence. .
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OP you say ? [url deleted] ke-pussy.html
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man the first guy was camping harder then anne frank
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What would happen if they all banded together into one unit?
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stronger than a thermonuclear bomb
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i cant live in a world so dangerous.  
*kills self*
i cant live in a world so dangerous.

*kills self*
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HOLY ****
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Just sayin'...
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I'm assuming that's a pic of every enemy within a 1000'yard radius? Aw dammit I'm anon, yay land of obesity, you gay fish
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705 kills
1 death

******* camper
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and he respawned too
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naw he went into last stand
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the scotsman= mad jack?
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holy **** all of these guys are fuking winners
holy **** all of these guys are fuking winners
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Someone used my picture!
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