Alpha male. not oc. SHINE taya& Von: Former alone Stung as) you: angry Stunner: so was up you: well, non anon at the mums you: Just on here and y you: new about Alpha male not oc SHINE taya& Von: Former alone Stung as) you: angry Stunner: so was up well non anon at the mums Just on here and y new about
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Alpha male

SHINE taya&
Von: Former alone
Stung as)
you: angry
Stunner: so was up
you: well, non anon at the mums
you: Just on here and y
you: new about you?
some me you maniac to music
r u hem or somehow
you: coon coon
you: engrand! 1
seem: men uh Handle! we summer
you: realm which part?
Von: on cool
you: you?
you: new heard than name before
serene " a common name In me us
you: ah can mugs
you: not so mum In me m F
you: yeah rm good my you n how are you?
If: rm menu good m urea n had when alumnae today cause my team has a dam many game munstah momma
you: ream
you: is man ameican or the englisc km’:
you: n aways gen amused F non
strum 2 ameican mean:
you: own can enough, we
Sanity: yeah my a wide mover on we vasily team
you: do you we ,
smog "_ allies
on n w renekton no some when kind on ream's not sue wat u mean
you: you know enemy when mean ,
you: earn play dumb with me
some : knew wane mean new J
you: n on you do ,
semen: ml gamma m horny?
you: bl
Slangy: a yes or a no
than who den lo!
you: one Yul]?
any maybe J
you: J
you: you seem Inseam and unsure
stunner. you do u mean?
you: as m you seem like the km who women‘: know when no do
you: we, you' d gen to one new when yam: about to do t
you: than back out
ya _ so, u a gun you Inked was genma may dose no you and snarled owning on no you how mum you ream
Mung he came on no me
you: shes meme :1 arnarinn she' s realty Iterested m to w
Your ‘you
chouse _ yeah
you: and stets not saying upwith words, she' s suggesting she wants no do sum/
you: shes on that lickle In her eye
you: the sprung In her step
some we her come on to me and I woulden back down
you: her was deepens, yet remains feminine we may
you: Maul do you do, hum
you: assuming your name is mike
you: when do you no
you: lets pretend Chloe, an year old am from england rs who with you at a party
Van: you' re In a toombled WM! people
you: on you teel who when yous may her
you: shes Loewe an you
you: you' re loom; an her
strange _ would hm back
you: good, mike. new
smug granny
you: she greenery mung her way caser and Closer no you
some h
you: no me my were you no wart ta Wow your dunk down on we Mor, gran her round me ways! and passionately hiss her
you: no the noun she says
you: "Oh, Mike, more so many _
you: and you say
you: "amen, may and make menu me"
strong 1
you: you have to become he alpha male, we
you: Alpha as MA
some once agm my name is may
you: one again, Malayan
string on
you: so, Mike
you: was l no be?
you: lake advantage owe may gun
Stranger; hen yeah
you: or we we rest ofyour he ma regreat slate ?
rather take one semi drunk plenty my
Von: rm, John you dont one advantage on he prone, on
you: mans new rapists are created
you: you make her wart you
you: non man omen hon guy across me room
Stranger: nu Intrigued wot names r u? F
you: you make her want you Jam, you
Your she ems name about her , obveous sign she' s not Interested
you: than you who he max nu and her and say
you: "surly, n we go on no ( ouch over there"
Srinagar; yeah moon man
you: than you man stride other hon ouch
you: how was is who
Stranger; men wan happens?
you: she' s gonna hymn new on with her hunch legs and says
you: 'Adam, take me now, you Alpha male"
you: than you make sweet, passionate, abate one
mu: noun were
you: n from owe my % ed ouch
you: and man, shame, is were names came hem
Strange In an names
you: men, 9 months later, out oops an my on mikes
You: ream to be disposed an your expense
Strange w
you: any mower yummy questons, tagger?
non I lagoon
you: good
You: good
Van: you my me bonitis, mike
Stranger: n have a wearer:
you: you' re any sun hem any you manned more We me
arrange mun
you: and have an answer
you: on nouns: any answer
you: n anyway
semen nu a ?
you: Na, can I am nck a psychatrist
you: I' m is when tucking Alpha
Strange, ck our n was we alpha?
You: What/ mu say, ragga’;
stranger: m non
you: 97% MORE ALPHA
Stranger: w: NOTA
you: THATS T, any!
aou: NOW so GET an
Stranger; rm mm no hang on with my girders WW w,
You: see. Grad's wove made prowess
Stranger: wow
Von: you when ms Journey a may WOR, who came to the name! looking " A cheap my on we sex
you: now you have a
Stranger; rm Mock we new
you: I teel we wene accomplished somethang here, Martin
You; you see, Mike?
you; Look new youde
manger: we no a since edema
you: yen you come here, was a on
you: who to have when sex with me
You: an me we
Von: you have a
s alpha my mend
Stunner: u ingot the
your partner has discount no
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