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#3 - piclemaniscool (03/09/2011) [-]
The girl is a big fat box that ate his dad and the steering wheel.
#514 to #12 - Ken M (03/09/2011) [-]
As an Anon I feel it necessary to put my comment here so I can get much attention under a 6 thumbed comment. Of course I'll probably get thumbed down, so lets just say this.
#521 to #514 - Ken M (03/09/2011) [-]
As a fellow anon I feel it necessary to tell you to shut the **** up.
#531 to #521 - Ken M (03/09/2011) [-]
O I'm sorry I couldn't hear you I was doing to much....
User avatar #5 to #3 - ragemonster (03/09/2011) [-]
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