Go To Sleep pt1. . The Shadow Observers J shadow people most commonly report that the Forms appear at the edge J their Field J vision. and that they dis or move Go To Sleep pt1 The Shadow Observers J shadow people most commonly report that the Forms appear at edge their Field vision and they dis or move
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Go To Sleep pt1

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The Shadow
Observers J shadow people most commonly report that the Forms appear at the edge J
their Field J vision. and that they dis or move into walls when noticed. usuallu
within a split second. However. menu also repent shadow people appearing in the center
J their . appearing vorq close to them. or remaining For several : ona: 5 Ether?
attacked or raped bu shadow people.
The Willow Marl
The Willow Man is a man who lives undela W How tree. Even, month he eats a child and moves
on to tree. The legend states that he was once a normal man with a normal
and liked by people. but a mysterious curse was placed upon him by an old Gaga
woman who Felt that he had cheated heroux of mon:_ . Subsequently. he must eat one child
every month in order to stay alive.
The Slender Marl
He is described as wearing a black suit strikingly similarly the visage of the pistorious Men In
black. and as the name suggests. appears vorq thin and able to stretch his limbs and torso to
inhuman lengths in order's induce Farrand ensnare his f" Hr Once his arms are outstretched.
his victims are put into something of a hipnotized state. where are utterly helpless to stop
walking into them. He is also able to create tendrils From his Fingers and back
that he uses to walk on in a to Doc Och. the villain in the Marvel
universe. The superhuman stretching ability could also be seen as a between himself
and Mr. Fantastic J the Fantastic Four. Whether he absorbs. kills. takes his victims to
an unenclosed location is also unknown as there are Providence
Ht behind in his wake to deduce a conclusion.
This Man"
In January in New York. the patient J a wellknown psychiatrist draws the Face J a man
that has been , appearing in baddreams. That portrait lies Forgotten on the
psychiatrist‘ s desk Fora Few Jays until one dag another patient recognizes that Face and says
that' s the man has afters visited him in his dreams. The psychiatrist decides to send the portrait
to some J his colleagues that have patients with recurrent dreams. Within a Few months. Four
patients recognize the man as a Frequent presence in thecrows dreams. All the patients reverts
him as "This Man".
The Black E_ People
In most cases. a being with pure black eyes {including the normally white parts)
will approach a person at their home orkar. asking to be let irs, Then twang have a very Ag
personality. almost no personality at all. unless meg are told that theg can' t come in. to which
them get very agitated. Most people describe a Feeling J intense dread and Fear when in the
presence J these black Aged beings. but they can' t say exactly why
Doppelgangers are omen seen as bad omens. In maria circumstances. the
up during oroson events. such as in the case of Viced/\ amoral Dryers
J London. He was seen by multiple guests at a parta at his home. simply standing
and staring ahead silently. on the same night that he died at sea.
The Sandman
the Sandman is a character's maria cl/ stories. invoked to help )
children to sleep. He is said to sprinkle sand oddest on orioto the eyes J the child at night to
bring on dreams and sleep. The grit or 'sleep’ in ones eyes upon waking is supposed to be the
result J the Sandman' s work the previous evening.
There is also another creature bearing the name “". but this creature is very different.
its skin is that o: a dead persons. Decayed and discolored. It has very long Fingers and man. sharp
teeth. It hides’ st out J sight in the dark and whispers wk too tik toc" to its unlucki. victim. This
strange Puts the victim into a deep sleep. once asleep. the Sandman will some out
J hiding and devourers sleeping victim with its sharp teeth. It ously needs to Feast once per night.
but it will sometimes chose to kill Fordun. This creature can “lg. come out in the dark. It is said to
be the evil brothered the good sandman. but some people disagree.
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Attacked or raped by a shadow figure?
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His eyebrows obviously say otherwise.....
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By "right chance" I mean "when your guard is down"
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i seen him in my dreams
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is that guy from a movie or show? I wanna check it out
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goto sleep
goto sleep
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