Make your own Pokeballs!. Thumb if you want do do this now! credit goes to . How to Make Frikkin' Awesome POKEBALLS a tutorial by rokkit alright, ladies and gen Make your own Pokeballs! Thumb if you want do this now! credit goes to How Frikkin' Awesome POKEBALLS a tutorial by rokkit alright ladies and gen
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Make your own Pokeballs!

Make your own Pokeballs!. Thumb if you want do do this now! credit goes to . How to Make Frikkin' Awesome POKEBALLS a tutorial by rokkit alright, ladies and gen

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How to Make Frikkin' Awesome POKEBALLS
a tutorial by rokkit
alright, ladies and gentlemen, i‘
decided to make a tutorial. i hang around
Icall more often than is strictly healthy,
and i see baskeball questions pop up all
the time. Figured out a quick, easy,
sturdy and cheap way to make chodeballs MATERIALS:
that will never scratchily make paint,
and i am going to share it with you. you will need:
v red and white spraypaint
t a sheet of black craft foam
a sheet of white craft foam, or white
craft paint
t a sharpie
t heavy duty adhesive, like
Beacon or
i a handful of newspaper or old plastic
and, most importantly, as many clear
you can use cheap spraypaint, Dr acrylic balls as you want, in the size
craft paint, for that matter.) you would like your Pokeball to he
i got my balls at Hobby Lobby, they were under SR per, and i' m sure i courd‘
probably found them on sale hadn' t started this project Just before Christmas.
basic craft stores like Michael' s and Joeann' s carry these things year round,
although they are easier to an in the couple months before Christmas. you can
get them at , search 'plastic ball ocmment' and pick your size.
before you start, decide if you want to keep the hanging loops. because the
balls are Basically ties nned to be Christmas ornaments, they have loops to
hang them with. i kept mine on, because i wanted to attach my Pokeballs to a
belt. if you want a totally round Pokeball, you need to clip the loops off and
gently me or sand down the nubs.
1. wipe out the INSIDE of your plastic balls.
there shouldn' t be any Fingerprints or smudges.
you will be painting the INSIDE and not the
outsi e, thi imortant. split all of the balls in
half, and to two groups: one half for red,
one half for white. in a well ventilated area,
arrange the balls with the i side facing up, so
that they are like little bowls.
2. carefully spray the inside of each ball with its
respective colour. it is going to take a few coats-
don' t spray too much at once or it will run and
pool up at the bottom. you don' t have to mask the
outside of the Balls, Just try not to get any paint
on the outside. also be careful not to let the
red/ white paint get into the wrong balls. even
little flecks will show up when you are done.
now comes the hard part- let
them dry. patience is important.
let them dry thoroughly between
each coat, and apply coats
altogether. the best bit is that
they don' t have to look perfect
from the inside to look really
good From the outside. when your
balls are completely dry, (usually
you can move on...
4. this bi s optional, but it really
helps with proper weighting,
Bounce, and transparency: stuff
those bad boys with either
bailed up newspaper or old
plastic bags, even scrap fabric
will work. this makes the ball
feel a little more substantial, and
also makes it totally opaque.
5. now glue the sides together. 's easiest to put a thin stripe of glue along the
Inner lip of one side, slap the sides together (line up the hanging loops if youve
decided to keep them,) and let that little guy dry. it shouldn' t take very long,
depending on the type of glue you use. most cements will bond in under a
minute. white school glue, on the other hand, would take a very long time and
doesn' t adhere well to ma . , so i really don' t suggest anything like that.
contact cement Fm: (also: doesn' t matter if a little glue squeaks out of the
join, becausei ill all be covered.)
step six cut your craft foam as needed- i used
two e circles and a black strip because i
am making an oldskool original pokeball. you
can customize this bit as needed, but when
you' got the pieces measured and cut,
you' re ready to glue them on! wile s dry,
you can put a little white glue over it to seal
the foam, bu s not necessary.
BADABOP, trainers! loom! that little guy eve
gets rough and scratched up, the paint will stay in
place under its protective layer of any c. and if
the craft foam gets damaged or nasty, it' s easy
enough to replace, although personally i think GOO D LU CK.
they look good a little bit weathered.
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