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#583 - TheNewGuyOnDaBlock (03/03/2011) [-]
Wait a second! Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone, was not in Canada when he invented the telephone! You know where he was when he invented it? In Boston, Massachusetts, which is in the United States of America. He briefly visited Canada before moving to Boston to begin work on the telephone. So, therefore, the telephone is not a Canadian invention. It is an AMERICAN invention. I know this because I recently did a report on the Telephone.
User avatar #629 to #583 - derkadur (03/03/2011) [-]
Did you say he was a fraud who didn't actually invent the telephone and it was actually Antonio Meucci who didn't renew his telephone patent and Bell later claimed the invention as his?
#646 to #629 - TheNewGuyOnDaBlock (03/03/2011) [-]
Wow! You don't say! I never actually knew this....
User avatar #677 to #646 - derkadur (03/03/2011) [-]
Yup 5 years before Bell claimed the invention... I wouldn't say he invented the telephone in Boston though... He basically spent his time alternating between Brantford and Boston and his first time operating the phone was in Mt. Pleasant, Ontario
User avatar #618 to #583 - deathshell (03/03/2011) [-]
Wasnt he born in Scotland but raised in Canada. But then he moved to america to study?

If an American scientist moved to Canada and developed a working teleportation system I bet you would say it was an American invention.
#635 to #618 - TheNewGuyOnDaBlock (03/03/2011) [-]
Well, see, he technically INVENTED the telephone in the US. This has nothing to do with nationality, I am just stating the facts. Who said I was from the United States? Also, no he was not raised in Canada, he moved there for about one to two years when he was 23, then he moved to Boston.
User avatar #650 to #635 - deathshell (03/03/2011) [-]
I was saying that if an inventor is born and raised in one country, but invents something in another country; Then his home country should have credit.

I just assumed you were American because you came off as one of those "Uppity Patriot" types.. I live in America, and hate those people who are like "AMERIKUH IS THE MOSTEST POWERFUL NATION IN THUH WURLD!!1!!one!!"

makes me sick to see that some people dont realize their country is going to **** .
User avatar #604 to #583 - flaminggodzilla (03/03/2011) [-]
True.I did a report on him too..
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