7 Ways to scare your roommate 2. Edit7: You Guys Rule never thought that this will get so many thumbs. <br /> Edit6: Delivered /funny_pictures/1748222/11+ hahaha
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7 Ways to scare your roommate 2

7 Ways to scare your roommate 2. Edit7: You Guys Rule never thought that this will get so many thumbs. <br /> Edit6: Delivered /funny_pictures/1748222/11+

Edit7: You Guys Rule never thought that this will get so many thumbs. <br />
Edit6: Delivered /funny_pictures/1748222/11+ways+to+scare+your+roommate+3/<br />
Edit5: The first one is apparently from /user/ScaredWhiteBoy and i made a mistake :/<br />
Edit4: My FB Fan page www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Shole/194775737215324<br />
Edit3: Thanks for thumbing <br />
Edit2: Making part 3 will post it as soon as its done!<br />
Edit1: Well I guess 200 thumbs and ill make part 3 <br />
Thanks to everyone who commented in the first part of this epic thing. <br />
All credits go to you crazy people who just love to make your roommates fill terrible near you. :3<br />
First part : /funny_pictures/1739246/7+ways+to+scare+your+roommate/

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take a silent fart,
say it smells like popcorn in the room,
watch him vomit uncontrolably
When your roomate is sleeping,
get a rocking chair, open his door,
put the rocking chair between where the door
would close. Sit in the chair slowly rocking back
and forth with a smile on your face while you pet a
soft furry cloth and randomly say out loud " Nice Kitty"
In fact you can do this while he
or she is watching or on a couch.
Guaranteed o freak them out.
Step 1: write on a can of beans "dancing beans"
and start dancing when you eat them.
Step 2: repeat step one, but with "laughing beans".
Step 3: repeat step 1, but with "kill your roommate
beans". Stare at roommate and smile as you eat
the beans.
When they come back. lock door,
pull out gun,
point it at their head and ask where
the **** the cat is. works better if you dont have a cat.
Pretend to masturbate to historical notifaction
keep vegetables in random places
record a documentary on a serial killer and when he walks
in pretend to be taking notes.
Start jerking off in your apartment and wait for your roommate to walk in,
then start doing a Bill Cosby impression while jerking off,
Repeat this for several weeks and makes each progressive impression worse and worse
Buy cat that has one day to live, give it to
your friend as a gift, next day when he wakes up
he will find himself with a dead cat in his bed I
Thanks everyone for the suggestions. If anyone of you got any more crazy ideas
Comment here and ill read them all and post them in a pic like this.
I might try out some because my roommate is a total fag...
eist. E
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User avatar #20 - inglipbewithyou (03/01/2011) [-]
Every time you enter the room, sit in a chair, lean back too far, and fall over backwards. Laugh hysterically for about ten minutes. Then, one day, repeat the falling-over exercise, but
instead of laughing, get up, look at the chair sternly, and say, "It's not funny anymore."

User avatar #21 to #20 - inglipbewithyou (03/01/2011) [-]
Get a surfboard. Put it on your bed. Stand on it, and pretend to surf for about fifteen minutes. Then, pretend to "wipe out," and fall off the bed onto the floor. Pretend you are drowning until your roommate comes over to "rescue" you.
User avatar #22 to #21 - inglipbewithyou (03/01/2011) [-]
Keep a hamster as a pet. Buy a blender, and make milkshakes every day. Then, one day, get rid of the hamster. Make a shake using a lot of ketchup. When your roommate comes in, look at the shake, look at the empty cage, and tell your roommate, "I was curious."
User avatar #23 to #22 - inglipbewithyou (03/01/2011) [-]
Make toast for breakfast every morning, but don't plug the toaster in. Eat the plain bread, looking at the toaster angrily, and complain that the toaster doesn't know what it's doing. If
your roommate suggests plugging it in, go on a tangent about fire-safety hazards.
User avatar #24 to #23 - inglipbewithyou (03/01/2011) [-]
Every night, before you go to bed, beg your roommate for a glass of water. When he/she brings it, dump it on the floor and immediately go to sleep. If he/she ever refuses to bring you a glass of water, lie on the bed and pretend to be dying of dehydration, making annoying gagging sounds, until he/she does so.
User avatar #25 to #24 - inglipbewithyou (03/01/2011) [-]
Every time your roommate falls asleep, wait ten minutes, and then wake him/her up and say, "It's time to go to bed now."
User avatar #29 to #25 - jamesisawesome (03/01/2011) [-]
get into fights with inanimate objects.
User avatar #33 to #29 - Shole (03/01/2011) [-]
Will use some of yours i guess :) when ill make the 3rd part :)
#331 to #22 - BlueWaffles **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #174 - TheAssassin (03/02/2011) [-]
How to scare your room mate:

Okay, here goes. If you don't watch the news, start watching it every night. Keep track of every single murder that happens. Stay up very late taking notes on all of them, maybe even add historic cases of serial killers. Start watching those crappy crime dramas, and take notes on those. Then, one day, buy, all at once, rope, duct tape, trash bags, a hacksaw, two bottles of bleach, gloves, heavy duty work boots, and a shovel. Put these all in your room. Now that he's nervous, start taking pictures of him with your phone at all times of the day. Once he's really jittery, tell him you love him and will cherish him always.

Then kill him.
User avatar #175 to #174 - TheAssassin (03/02/2011) [-]
Or just jump out of the closet and shout "boo!", whichever floats your boat.
#137 - Eventually (03/02/2011) [-]
1. Obtain a gun.
2. Shoot the ************ .
3. Eat his ************* sandwich.
User avatar #11 - JessiWasHere (03/01/2011) [-]
Buy a gun. Clean it every day. One day, put a band-aid on your forehead, and refuse to discuss the gun ever again.
User avatar #14 to #11 - JessiWasHere (03/01/2011) [-]
Set up about twenty plants in an organized formation. When your roommate walks in, pretend to be in the middle of delivering a speech to the plants. Whisper to them, "We'll continue this later," while eyeing your roommate suspiciously.
User avatar #16 to #14 - JessiWasHere (03/01/2011) [-]
Hang a basketball net on the wall. Challenge your refrigerator to basketball games, and play them in front of your roommate. Do so for about a month. Confide in your roommate that you think the refrigerator has been taking steroids.
User avatar #19 to #16 - JessiWasHere (03/01/2011) [-]
Keep some worms in a shoebox. When doing homework, go and consult with the worms every so often. Then become angry, shouting at the worms that they're stupid and they don't know what they're talking about.
User avatar #261 to #19 - Mutton (03/02/2011) [-]
I thought all of your ideas were related and you were going ti tie them all together in a final comment. I feel stupid now.
User avatar #352 to #261 - ninjaclone (03/02/2011) [-]
lul same here
#301 - Les (03/02/2011) [-]
User avatar #304 to #301 - NotNinja (03/02/2011) [-]
#306 to #301 - xxbamesjondxx **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#32 - XxNearliekbaconxX (03/01/2011) [-]
What if your roomate eats the "kill your roomate" beans before you?
User avatar #47 to #32 - Mawxter (03/02/2011) [-]
User avatar #34 to #32 - commandress (03/02/2011) [-]
you run like hell.
#167 - samburpsexmaster (03/02/2011) [-]
This should scare him
This should scare him
#7 - originaltroll **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #9 to #7 - Shole (03/01/2011) [-]
lol freakishly awesome :D
#10 to #9 - originaltroll **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #308 - TheAssassin (03/02/2011) [-]
Come home covered in blood, say hey to him, and just go to sleep.
#15 - homiejr (03/01/2011) [-]
Act like Dale from King of the Hill.
User avatar #18 to #15 - cptkitkat (03/01/2011) [-]
Guns don't kill people... uh uh
User avatar #30 to #18 - fedupmotherfucker (03/01/2011) [-]
I kill people... with guns
#286 - frostyfrost (03/02/2011) [-]
1.Crap in a cup and put it in the fridge. Make sure roommate sees this. Give logical reason for poop cup.
2. Remove all other food. Poop cup remains. Roommate must see.
3. Remove the poop.
4. Chocolate pudding all over face. Claim hunger was intolerable.
5. Stare at him hungrily.
6. Stare at his butt.
User avatar #295 to #286 - BillyRyan (03/02/2011) [-]
When does gay rape begin?
User avatar #146 - Cyno (03/02/2011) [-]
the best and easiest way to scare your roommate if you have a girlfriend who loves you very much:
make her look relatively dead, have her put blood capsules in her mouth and put her in a black plastic bag
tell him you killed her accidentally in his room and you need his help throwing her off a bridge
he'll freak out and accept
put her in the back seat, and let the seat adjust lock go
when you have a straight shot where you wont hit any cars, start talking to him about how it happened
this cues her to "awaken" from the backseat and go zombie on you
and pretend to be zombies together!
#110 - injerseyforever (03/02/2011) [-]
Aint nothin like a stranger while playing with mai puddin pop ku ku kachew!
User avatar #120 to #110 - MrMacky (03/02/2011) [-]
With the diddles in the place with the thingies and the zam zams and all of the derpidy derps with JACKIE CHAN with the doodle dipidy dooo.....
User avatar #89 - EpicDrew (03/02/2011) [-]
Step 1. Hire hooker
Step 2. Kill her very messily
Step 3. Put dead hooker in roomate's bed while he is sleeping

Too far?
User avatar #104 to #89 - ColeTheUber (03/02/2011) [-]
Step 4. Ask "are you gonna eat that?"
User avatar #27 - Jackimole (03/01/2011) [-]
1) Buy a hotel room
2) Kill hooker in hotel room
3) Go out with roommate, have him get really drunk. (IMPORTANT: Fake drinking only for you)
4) Bring him to the hotel room with the dead hooker
5) Take his pants and underwear off
6) Wake him up the next morning, next to the hooker.
7) Blackmail him for life
8) ??????
9. Profit. Litterally, from the blackmail money.
User avatar #191 - doctorphail (03/02/2011) [-]
1. Obtain a stick of butter ( in a plastic box preferably )
2. Get the butter out.
3. Take a **** in the box.
4. Put most of the butter back.
5. Do NOT eat from butter.
6. ??????????
7. Profit
#183 - casablondie (03/02/2011) [-]
Step 3!!!
Step 3!!!
#128 - yoyoyowyatt (03/02/2011) [-]
Dude, whats with you and cats
Dude, whats with you and cats
#78 - TheCowGoesMoo (03/02/2011) [-]
leave your laptop open and have the Google seach saying " How to skin your roommate "
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