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Military Fun Facts Part 4

Military fun facts part 21
During tlw.. Vietnam War, soldier. rs ma as radio antt. by stretching
By 1862 WC. H' t? four grade; of go.. notred in tho .. dis.. ratt) Army: brigadier,
major, lits.. and full gic. artical., All WC) .'. the.. 5: -ante insignia making it intbm-
cible tn ido.. at ' s; uniform.
During World War ff the military production of thc. Ford Ct) maany
t.) . i: lca. d that of the whole of Italy. During 1942, Final ' Company halted its
civilian car and shifted an tutta] military production.,
Tim : t known . .. in history was that of A. ti, hood (a .. w wt) rd meaning
stronghold"), Isaacc. l., According to G' rcog historian , the siege was
I of Egypt ftw my ?' daii' during his ridilin from 664 -, 4510 BC
an .. t) that the pau: i} iae in Paris .. d tcy o. ating hoaw.. as an
eat horse.. an this day.
Thc . satr. chcks during Wattle . military
Litlte.. c,, nut imam: an . d chess fade. Fatima until 1968.,
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