Dirty Urban Dictionary Comp. Suicide Wank... Do it!. ax ea, Zaniri suicide wank 6 F my W any me s ysh, rykenn m when Four hay, a wank, wst befire Maw the wee, s Dirty Urban Dictionary Comp Suicide Wank Do it! ax ea Zaniri suicide wank 6 F my W any me s ysh rykenn m when Four hay a wst befire Maw the wee
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Dirty Urban Dictionary Comp

Dirty Urban Dictionary Comp. Suicide Wank... Do it!. ax ea, Zaniri suicide wank 6 F my W any me s ysh, rykenn m when Four hay, a wank, wst befire Maw the wee, s

Suicide Wank... Do it!

ax ea, Zaniri
suicide wank 6 F
my W
any me s ysh, rykenn m
when Four hay, a wank, wst befire Maw the wee, shout out "Mom"
er 'trad", men try and men the we before they get we Four ream-
e mend med a same wank and man!!! he did rt and failed the second
by 5, ma
sen u an dawn
All gator Fuckhouse p g F
A darma sexual maneuver (, we person eyes the neck ewe
other, locks thew arms and legs dawn and was mm a deathroll, an
my "Last h, surpised me path eh A// water Fuckhouse,
I came for ah hour a hey, I thed the we we my a soar
39 en,
A raw hale that has seen so many cocks that the ,, ees hang out.
we may eye.
I slam with Kevin Ryans we fast new she had a Badly warmed
Kebab the my stay.
by my 22, ma:
was u , dawn
Birmingham booty call p é F
Put Four winrar/ s cell phone en whale, Suck t up her ass, and as Fou
are hay, sex, call her phone, have her sht t out, answer t, and talk
em to we as Fou cum en herrer
I met my freak brim (ll A/ abs! -ma, she intoduced me to the
s, rm, hehas booty can
up, m dawn
The seagull us an advanced sex maneuver whereby a man
fractures ms partner' s forearm and forces ms partner's my mm off
rapidly If properly executed, the ,n, aree party new em! a name s, m,,
to that er a seagull Thus carmines em the man reaches
arms ,n, aree part/ Y fracture becomes too severe w manual
my we that en, a wounded seagull last weekend, see/ y, her bf!// ran!
career as a came to a premature ered
hot can 4693 up, '"'aia"
Maself ever/ one IS "rong, ahat car/ s the act er putang Saran aver
the face and (slang a dump en t Anal to oral IS called a 'rusty
trombone', eema, en the chest IS a ‘ steamer', and anal to
IS a emu, dog If Fou have the seems and can anew max, mem
heat and force a we through the Sean and onto the skm/ mouth then
mu are awarded extra pants, ear, warld be proud
I bought some Sewn wrap today because I WEN! to we came a hot
ear, for her s, rehear
my 29, was
up, 955 dawn
angry pirate ' 9
when a - IS grelng a man head, he pulls out, and nuts In her eye
Upon damn: thus, she mu let out same sen er grunt er disaproval, and
sums Dam he kc's her In the shun Thus peer grl, Pissed and
hurt, mu hubble after Four laughing ass
dudee gave Four miter eh angry awe, that my She’: /WHOM? a
we rem ask my She’: WE/ /We she has a my es her ass
was a whole different story dude J
may 17, 2004
an up, 579 dawn
pes, y, en, the man
pulls out and sats en thew partner' s back, fooler them with , ,
As a man reaches hwy In the
that he has ejaculated, happyer, when ther around, the
he lets loose he In ms partner' s face
I took my yeeh, e 5/ 74 pulled a hoee, h, (ll her eye, then she erred
Aug 21,
any up, any dawn
blumpkin é F
The balanced an er getting Four cock sucked we (along a
Marte Inmate trip: to the owe restroom, but hem when the
Janitor who call: Costa we (F there, because that/ armor We to we
s, empy,
use u nan» dawn
Rusty Trombone p 6 -
To get r, mmee walst ree, , a hearty reach round, thus resembling a
trombone waver In full chorus
Phoebe’: rehi, y, oh oh my rusty trombone my why, was so may/ , ,y
bought a year to my eye
was u nus dawn
Cleveland Steamer p d P
The cleveland steamer IS far mere the litmus i have seen
here A sexuality by nature (mesh) the cleveland steamer IS when we
person craps en another person' s chest and (wry imortant) then sts
dawn and ways back and Term We a steam Taller
my some out ofthe shower, so me John we m, h a
C/ eve/ and Steamer
my up, 2593 dawn
Clutch Oven é 9
July 21, aam Urban were ofthe Day
Te my In a carfull er people, crank the Wafer max, mem
we was ehy, he es to Jake’: parte he faded, tspdog es (ll hr:
clutch oven
1992 up, on dawn
alaskan pipeline 6 9
h the act er WWW? In to a condom, creey, the rubber ,
then usertag t In to arias anus en, yers, er laws w
Emery and Andy s In wmm
Were Bram it/ come we me eh e, esyeg '
eh "You kare I can’! do that again see pen Spank es,»
Au/ w muck: Bram VOL! kare how much [love those '
shah "(know Ahea dear, [know '
Aug 3, my
mess up, 2369 dawn
gay buffer 6 F
July in aam Urban were ofthe Day
When we st dawn somewhere (usually In a mews theater) and
purposely have an extra seat between we and a person ofthe same
sex so as hey to appear w
Dude, /we me a gay buffer’ You are so close to me you' re // V
seems my my
new ea, dawn
The sexual act er won; my Loops, wry Pebbles, Thy, and Baa
awry» er any other Aright, colorful' breakfast cereal? and men
the tacky, manna mixture onto yam Banners chest. The
result should look e, m,, to the ,nerae, a, e sweaters that an cushy
ware ewe ha hwy seamen, mane swam "The messy Shaw".
Nicole was no receive "a Cosby Sweater“ fur her birthday.
an en, 42 dawn
fruit roll up é F
he my
ye when we Ewe oral to a em we she us en her perm. After van are
done Vail do nay was Your face yee have whatever IS en t mere
bland). Then we get ICE Four car ewe dawn the mad wth yaw head
out the em t dnes. Then van pee, olathe has dmed
to yaw wee.
new I Just got a free may mil up Mam my
by , yeea Dec 4, was
4461 ea, 1952 dawn
Jonas Brothers 6% F
we perastus that hang en the ends er Dubu: hens around the (asides
and delver eyes that tum the scrotum to mesh.
Man an Ever get that feeling that we can' t even reel your mes?
Man an em mo)
an em, rs that a bad tiring then?
I would my so.
reels down penis) my shit! Mr mes are [din
seems we yum/ 2 got the Jonas Belibers, my Mend.
an my you new could ens hawken’ I was so careful.
me we have sex we that gm
she She we me she was we
ass en, an dawn
The act er eeryday, shittly mm ores vague. eye a same emu
to dock to a sane stators, "space " ,nye, yes my
accurate aendre, and " a,, ennemy er the we ounces.
my baby, want to In Shape docking "
space an -my
2, was
up, 55 dawn
Christian side hug é 9
Te engage In anal sex we speen, In order's ma, nya, n unis
We' re Wayne mm! were married but that elesh' y stop es from a
attle, , eh Side ,
My apologies if any of you were eating while
reading this.
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