Unborn child on FB. Movie Poster Truths 2 --> /funny_pictures/1730754/Movie+Poster+Truths+2/<br /> DEAL WITH IT --> /funny_gifs/1725256/DEAL Unborn child on FB Movie Poster Truths 2 --> /funny_pictures/1730754/Movie+Poster+Truths+2/<br /> DEAL WITH IT /funny_gifs/1725256/DEAL
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Unborn child on FB

April 1 just like to thank eberyone for being my friends wen
1 Ill though lam still iust a little bun in the oven and I cant wait to party with
you all next halloweeny
Goober 28 at 3: . Comment - milks
i. Nancy tii- new meant I enter WAIT To new mum
at 3: attent - Like
who earns total
October " at as ppm - Uke
iss L Brad 1.. s! . no offense. but your mom is at fuming nut.
There is a reason may we are not friends on Flt mm and
don' t we ansonator. I an excited to have you in my We and I
think you will he the best daughter ever If you are mine, tint
this is tucking ridicoulous. Monique. take this page deem.
if this is going to be my baby tee ithink before you do shit like
thesyrk here to agree and this is Just fucked up
Drtuber " at 3: 4 lore , Like
April - Brad, maybe If you would are up and
them up to getting my mom pregnant and some full
then we wouldnt be it the shitlord, so fuel: you. my mama can
do what she wants and If she wants to make me a " page so I
an be born Into this worm with good friends then you can kiss
my on
Drtuber " at - Like
l" 5 Eros! =', I refuse to argue with my unborn elelel via
facebookk. I an contenting trlld sewing
Detaler " at 3: , Like
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